There are two reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t turning on – hardware failure and software malfunction. The first one will almost always in unit replacement or repair. If the failure is on the software’s end, then it may be fixable by the user. Below is the guide that will guide you through troubleshooting your Samsung Galaxy S10 that stopped turning on. Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 not turning on.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 not turning on

Before we begin, you must know what the problem really is. If the phone responds when the power button is pressed and tries to boot and it doesn’t get up to the lock screen, then the phone is boot looping. It is different from not turning on. This guide talks about the phone not turning on altogether.

Probable Causes

Even top-tier premium devices like Samsung Galaxy S10 cannot be immune to common problems. Below are the probable reasons why your phone may not be powering on.

  • Insufficient charge
  • Faulty battery
  • Hardware failure due to drop, exposure to water, etc.
  • Power Management failure

Practical Solutions

There is a good chance that you might have to give the unit for repair or replacement. But before you go and do that, try the solutions mentioned below.

Forced Reboot: A forced reboot can sometimes work wonders so it is unwise to skip this step. To perform a force reboot on Samsung Galaxy S10, you have to press 2 buttons together – first press and hold the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Power key for 10 seconds. See if the phone turns on.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 not turning on

User Different Charger: Sometimes the problem might be the thing you’re not looking at. It is possible that the phone is not getting any charge due to a faulty charger or cable. Try charging with different cable and adapter and see if the phone boots up.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 not turning on

Check Charging Port: There might be something inside the charging port that may be preventing the phone from getting any charge. Check the port for any foreign object that might be the culprit and clean it.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 not turning on

Faulty Power Socket: The usual power socket that you use for charging your Galaxy S10 might be faulty. It might not be giving enough power output or the adapter is not holding onto the socket properly.  Trying charging on a different power outlet and see if it works.

Black Screen: The problem might not be what you think it is. It is easy to mistake no power issue and black screen issue. This can be caused by screen failure or some app is preventing the screen to turn on. If the screen is responsive (makes a sound or vibrates when touched) but is still black, try a forced restart. Worst case scenario, the screen might be damaged due to a fall or water exposer.

If nothing works, you should take your unit to the nearest official Samsung Service Center. If it is still under warranty, the unit will be replaced for a newer one. If not, you will have to pay to repair it.

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