Of course, you use Alarms on your Android. But did you know you can use Google Assistant with Android’s Alarms? You can make alarms perform specific actions when you dismiss it. It can be useful in some cases. Here’s how to use Google Assistant with Android Alarms.

Use Google Assistant with Android Alarms

Start by opening the Clock app from the app drawer. You know how the app looks. No problem there. Tap on the Alarms tab and tap on an alarm to edit it. You can set up a new alarm if you do not want to edit an existing alarm. Just tap on the Plus icon.

When you expand the alarm’s details. You will see Google Assistant Routine at the bottom of the settings. This is what we are interested in. do not get confused by the intimidating name; it is really easy to set up and most of the features can be toggled using checkboxes.

Use Google Assistant with Android Alarms

Begin by tapping on the plus icon located right next to the Google Assistant Routine. Some options ill pop up and which, according to your preference, can be toggled on or off.

You will a couple of categories. “When I dismiss my alarm” contains the actions that will execute when you turn the alarm off. You can choose from a list of actions according to your preference and need. You can have Google Assistant tell you about the weather, tell you remainders for that day and much more. If you have smart lights, thermostats or other smart devices, you can toggle them from this section. You can even add your own actions from the Add action button.

Use Google Assistant with Android Alarms

The And then play section will execute after the first section’s actions are completed. You can select between audiobook, podcast or nothing. You can edit the existing options according to your preference.

This is it. You have set your very own alarm routing using Google Assistant. Play around to know more and discover what else you can do.

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