With the launch of Google’s Stadia, you can play games on any platform that has a screen. You subscribe and buy games which are then streamed to your phone, TV or computer. You read that right; you can even play PC games on your Android. However, the support is limited to Pixel phones and will expand to only a few other phones for now.  But there is a way for unsupported Android devices too; if you’re rooted. Here’s how to play games on Stadia on any Android.

Play games on Stadia on any Android

All you need is a rooted phone with Magisk and EdXposed. Then you will need to install the new Xtadia module. Follow the steps below to knoe the details.

Step 1: Install EdXposed

You will need Xposed to run the Xtadia module. First, install Magisk Manager app and then from the download section install Riru -Core and Riru – EdXposed (SandHook). You can try installing YAHFA version if SandHook version is giving you trouble.

Play games on Stadia on any Android

Step 2: Install Xtadia

After the initial setup is done, it is time to install Xtadia module. This module is what makes Stadia run on any Android device. Open the EdXposed Installer app and tap on the menu to see Download. Tap on Download and search for Xtadia. It would be the only entry there.

Play games on Stadia on any Android

Tap on Xtadia and go to the versions tab. Tap on Download and Install. Activate the module by flipping the switch next to it inside Modules. Reboot your device.

Step 3: Install Stadia

Now that the module is properly installed, its time to install Stadia. The app is not locked to Pixel devices so you will be able to download it just like any other app on any Android device.

Open the app and sign in. Find a game you like to play and choose the screen you want to play it on – the screen you’re holding. Hit Play and you should be able to.

Play games on Stadia on any Android

If you’re on Android 10, you may have problem streaming games. You might not find This Screen on the screen listings. Hopefully, the module will get an update fixing the issue. Try both YAHFA and SandHook variants to make sure the module is the problem. Since EdXposed for Android 10 is still in its infancy, it may take time for this to work.

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