Communication has come a long way. We now have the ability to take at least a way of communication wherever we go. However, this advancement in communication technology has also birthed spammers. Even if we do not intentionally share our phone numbers with unintended recipients, there are ways they can acquire it. To save yourself from these spammers, you can turn off your phone, put it in do not disturb mode, or simply put it away. But if you are someone who needs to be connected at all times, these options are not ideal. What you can do is block the numbers that you think are unimportant. This article teaches you how to do that using Tellows. Here’s how to block spammers using Tellows.

Block Spammers using Tellows

There are tons of options when it comes to blocking numbers and allowing those that you trust. Some do a pretty good job, while some not so much. There’s one such app that stands out from the crowd – Tellows Caller ID and Blocker.

Tellows has a large database of numbers which includes that of spammers. This community-driven app is one of the most trusted apps for identifying and blocking spammers. When you receive a call, the app will identify if the number is a known or unknown number using its caller ID and block those numbers that are reported as spam. If you identify a number as spam, you can report it and help the community.

Block Spammers using Tellows

You can download the free version of Tellows from the Google Play Store. The free version has all the functions that a normal user would need. If you want more, you can opt for the premium package for $8.99 per year which includes Tellows Harassment Protection. It doesn’t matter if you are offline or online, Tellows will still protect you by storing a local database. You can also see and provide a rating to callers.

If you want a spammer free calling experience, start using Tellows.

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