I wonder how much people are mad about Pokemon Go game. This game has actually taken the mobile gaming to whole new level. We have seen some amazing record made by Pokemon Go like breaking the app store record for most downloaded app in first week, most popular mobile game of all time and many more. So we can know how much popular is Pokemon Go around the world.

mad about Pokemon Go

People are still mad about Pokemon Go

With everything there come some pros and some cons. People are addicted to this game. There are many cases heard about what happened to the addicted Pokemon Go players, when they are so focused in catching pokemon. Some of the few cases I will let you know here. People are crossing the road while playing the game, they are going every possible place to catch pokemon.  Some of the players are found going to stranger property unknowingly as they were so focus on catching pokemon. But this doesn’t end here, two men fall off cliff while catching the pokemon, luckily just minor injuries happened. There are many other cases.

We can see the craziness about the Pokemon Go from here. People are so desperate to catch pokemon that they even don’t realize where they are going.  Recently, a YouTuber named Simone Giertz has created Pokemon Go helmet. Though this video was just for fun but also it shows People are still mad about Pokemon Go.

There are many other countries waiting for the launch of the Pokemon Go. We can’t even imagine what people gonna do to Play the Pokemon Go and catch the pokemon.

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