Haven’t you ever thought of sharing live video to only few close friends? Yup ! At some point we all feel that some of the videos are only for our close friends but we don’t have any features so we have to share the live video publicly. You don’t have to worry any more. A new live-streaming app Alively is out now that keep the things more personal. This app lets you share you beautiful moment privately with your friends through live or recorded video.


Former Facebook Live Manager Vadim Lavrusik, launched his own Live-Streaming App Alively for iOS devices.

Alively lets you add a friend or group of friends whom you want to share the live video. This app is so good for video sharing with your friends. One interesting feature is that you can add friends before you go live, during live or even after you’ve completed recording. Only the people with whom you share video can watch live and comment in real-time or they can watch the video later whenever they get time. Now your friends won’t miss the best moment of your life.

Alively features

You can even send video to your friends who aren’t on Alively, through SMS.  They will receive a text with the video link and caption which they can watch on a mobile web. Now, you don’t have to worry about freeing up space on the phone to record the video. You can store the videos of your phone in Alively’s cloud and can share those video later. Alively video comes over 10 to 30 seconds late so it has time to transmit at the highest possible quality.  You can record high quality video of any length.

Alively featuresYou can even see when friends are watching or commenting while you’re sharing live but there is no  Like  button/option in this app.

[quote bcolot=”#f8bd58″ ]Lavrusik says- “We want people to live in the moment rather than focus on how many likes they’re getting. Teens on Instagram will post a photo and delete it if it doesn’t get enough Likes in a time period. We want to bring back the purity of sharing.” [/quote]

People already started liking this app as Alively Keeps Things more Personal.  There are other many app like Facebook Live and Periscope in the market to compete with Alively. Though Alively comes with many new feature, we still have to wait to see whether it dominate other apps or not.

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