[dropcap]F[/dropcap]acebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. The site has probably connected more people than any other site in the world. There are large numbers of people who are fond of facebook. Facebook just helps them to express the feeling and share the memory with friends, family and people connected in it.On the other hand Facebook also tries to make its users satisfied and happy at the same time using it, so it brings new-new features time and again. This time Facebook is launching birthday recap videos which will make your birthday even more special.

birthday recap videosThe concept behind this is to make you feel that facebook is with you in every special moment. Actually this video collects the best wall post you got for your birthday and turn it into a special short clip. The birthday recap videos is of 45 second. First you need to add your birthday to your profile, you also need to receive at least three wall wish (posts or tags) on your birthday, the next day you will see birthday recap videos that facebook has created for you. Isn’t that cool?

Facebook is lauching birthday recap videos

You know you can even manage the photo or post in the videos by yourself, if you don’t like the photo or post that was initially in the video and then you can share that video with your friends if you want. Other-wise you can just keep that video personally as there is an option “Only me” inside the option “Who should see this“.

Probably birthday recap videos will make those people happy who gets many interesting birthday wishes on their wall which will make the video look even more amazing but, at the same time those people who receive few post on his/her birthday and that is also just a simple word or sentence like HBD..! or Happy birthday to You, it will not  make the video interesting.

Hope this will make your birthday more special than before.

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