Since more than a decade, Facebook has taken social media to an extra level. Having a user-base of over 1 billion users all over the world, Facebook is on the top of the most visited websites. Ever since the very first start of Facebook, the founders and officials claim that the social media website giant is only for good, i.e. for the people across the globe to connect. However, a thing made for only for good can also have some bad effects, depending on the way people use it. We have seen several news on which it was proved that Facebook can have a bad impact on people’s lives too. That might be a kid spending too much time on Facebook completely ignoring his exams, or a parent of a toddler spending too much time chatting on Facebook forgetting to take care of their baby. Well, these are just some representative examples, there might be several reasons why a person might be fed up from Facebook, and thinking about leaving it (or taking a break for a while, if not permanent).

Facebook gives the term ‘deactivate’ for the process on which you delete your account. As per your concerns, you can have the option of deleting your Facebook data permanently (for forever, if you never wish to come back), or temporarily (if you want to come back in a while, and also wish to see all of your posts as they were while you left). The process of deleting the Facebook account is so easy, but can be tough for some of us if we are not that used to it, for it is the human nature to find a process easy if we already know enough about it. Moreover, if you are new to Android operating system and are currently using Facebook in the App (or in browser), you can find it even more difficult. For those who do not know how to delete your Facebook Account using your Android device, here we are having a brief guide to help you.

Note that even though you have two ways to delete your Facebook Account- they have a little difference. For example- if you delete your account temporarily (by selecting the ‘I’ll be back’ option) and never come back, it will be similar as if you have deleted it permanently.

You can follow these simple steps to delete Facebook Account:-

delete facebook account

  • Launch the Facebook App in your Android device, and hit the menu button in the top right-hand corner. It’s the white one with three horizontal bars (not the blue one above it with the person next to it).
  • Scroll down to Account Settings, then Security.
  • At the bottom of the Security Settings page you’ll see Account > Deactivate. This is what you’re looking for. Tap Deactivate. 
  • You’ll be prompted to re-enter your password. Do so.
  • You’ll then be taken to a departure survey asking you to explain why you want to delete your Facebook account. You have to pick something so do so. Facebook will throw some rather desperate attempts at you to convince you to stay (choose “I don’t find Facebook useful” and it’ll suggest you find more friends on the social network, for example).
  • Make sure to check the box at the bottom so you don’t get follow up emails from Facebook after you delete your Facebook account.
  • Tap Deactivate and you’ll be required to enter your password one final time. This is the very last step to deactivating your account. Once you tap Deactivate you’ll be taken back to the app login screen and your Facebook account will be gone for good.
  • Now, just uninstall the Facebook app from your Android and enjoy all the spare time you have to actually, you know, talk to your friends in person.

Having done this all, you should note that this method is just what we call the ‘temporary deactivate’. That means, you will be able to log in to your Facebook account and access all your data (statuses, photos, shares, friends, likes and every other thing that you had in your Facebook Account). If you will not to log back to your old Facebook profile ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever in your lifetime and in case even by Devil’s wish if you have to do so then you will create a new one and start from fresh, read this:

How to delete Facebook account permanently

To permanently delete your Facebook account, meaning it can never be resurrected, you have to specifically request Facebook to do this. The process can take up to 90 days to be completed.

In a slightly humorous twist, the link provided by Facebook for deleting your account doesn’t work, so the link you want is this one. For more details on the difference between deactivating and deleting your Facebook account, visit this link.



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