Yesterday, I stumbled upon a new error on my Android device, while I was trying to update my few apps like whaptsapp, snapchat, instagram and facebook. The error code message was “App can’t be updated. Try Again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: 924)”. I was not surprised by this, as I have got a plenty of them in the past, and have searched and found successful solutions for them. Most of the errors that we usually face or commit are inevitable no matter how hard we try to prevent them. The errors have just become a part of our life so you should never be disappointed whenever you face any kind of error, just try to be calm and maintain patience because only after this you will be able to resolve your issue. So first try to get hold of the current situation and look out for possible solutions and don’t lose your confidence until you resolve your error permanently.

get help troubleshooting Error code 924

For this one too, the process was all the same. I did a little research about the error code 924, which included the reasons and meaning of its occurrence with the methods to solve it. So, in this article, we are going to discuss about the ways to solve the google play error 924 in android, and in case you are troubled by it, then this post is going to be pretty useful for it. Unlike some other errors which were too hard to solve, this one is not. If you know why this occured, then you can solve it easily.

Here’s why Error 924 occurs:

In my case, I found out that my WiFi had been turned off, and since I didn’t have any network connection, the Google Play Store could not download any updates from the server and hence, it showed the “App can’t be updated. Try Again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: 924) message.”

Apart from that, there might be some other reasons too, such as problem in cache or data in your Google Play Store. Keeping in mind the reasons, here are some solution to fix this error.

Methods to help troubleshoot and solve error 924.

Method 1

Make sure that you are connected to the internet (WiFi, as you would not want to update your apps using your cellular data), and that is fast enough for all your apps to be downloaded at a good speed. In case your internet speed is too slow, even if you are connected to the internet, you might get this error.

Method 2

You should try this one even if checking your connection properly solves your error 924, as it avoids a lot of other recurring on errors on Android. follow these steps:

  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> Applications on the device >> All selected applications.
  • Select the Google Play Store app, and then tap Clear data and Clear cache.
  • Select Download Manager and tap Clear data and Clear cache.

Method 3

If none of the above mentioned methods solve this error, the only way to get round this is to factory reset your device, let your device reboot and take it from there. Unfortunately you will lose all of your data, however if you backup your apps to sd card or cloud, this will be helpful in the time saved looking around the playstore later. PS, if you have rooted your device this will let you backup data as well.

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  1. I have been troubled by this error for about a year on Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z3
    I found the fix to be turning off Power Saver mode in phone settings, aka stamina mode. After disabling that, never had the issue again.
    I have power saving mode enabled almost always, as i’d prefer charging my phone every few days rather than every night 🙂 and often don’t require max available performance settings which drain battery faster. But for updates, turn it off and problem resolved.

    Previously tried and failed:
    Switching between wifi/mobile data
    Clearing cache OR using a junk cleaning app

  2. Thanks so much! This really helped. I want to get all the updates but I was having that troubleshooting problem as well. Your information fixed that!!! Thanks and have a blessed day!

  3. I tried Method 2 and now Google Play Store can’t even connect. “Check your connection and try again.” my connection works just fine because every app works but Google Play Store.

  4. now Google Play Store can’t even connect. “Check your connection and try again.” my connection works just fine because every app works but Google Play Store.same things happend to me pls help

    • Try restarting your wifi and then turn off your phone and leave it off for a few minutes, and try going to it again. That’s what I tried once and it worked. Hopefully that helps.

  5. Before Method 3 (factory reset) try Uninstall updates for Google Play Store (Menu >> Settings >> Applications >> All – find and open Google Play Store and select Uninstall updates)

  6. I have had the error 924 code on my Android phone for over a month, although my Samsung tablet doesn’t have this issue at all. But, becuz my Android phone IS my computer, I really need it “fixed.” However, compared to so many other comments, I NEVER have access to WI-FI; thus, I ALWAYS have to use mobile data. That being said, can I still utilize any of the (3) methods to rid my Android of the error 924? Thanks for any input.

  7. I have this problem error 924 on my phone just Whit Facebook and I had try to clear the cache the app store and it work just for installing the Facebook but my phone they turn of each time clic on Facebook

  8. yes, this is the common issue which occurs in both Mac or n Android. Error Code 924 makes the devices too slow and useless. I have faced this issue on my mac.


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