Facebook Facebook livehas recently added new cool feature, Facebook Live. This is just a quick and easy way to connect with the people worldwide and share with them anything live. The traditional way of sharing video was like- first shoot the video and then upload it to facebook.  It was time-consuming and many of the users even thought not to upload the video but this feature made it easier to connect with people and share the moment in real-time (Live).It’s pointless and discouraging if we are going live and nobody is watching us. So, Facebook makes sure that you get a notification every time someone goes live. It can be your friends or the page that you follow.

 Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications
Option to Turn off Live Videos

Receiving notification from Facebook about live video is good for some people but sometime we just gets irritated by the receiving continuous notification about the live video. For example, We all have heard about the concerts. Many of us will go and watch them live but when we open the facebook, what we find- numbers of other people broadcasting their own live concert experiences. We don’t desire to watch that live video because we were also there enjoying the same moment.

Here’s How To Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications:

  • First Log-in to your Facebook >> Go to your Facebook Settings
  • Scroll down to Settings >> Notifications >> On Facebook.
  • Now, Click on “Edit” option.
  • Many other facebook setting option will come, choose Live Videos >> click on option to it’s right side.
  • There you will find different options like (On, Suggestions Off, All Off)
  • Click on OFF option to disable the feature. (You will no longer receive Live Video notifications)

[quote bcolor=”purple”] Note: This only works from the full Facebook site, not Facebook Mobile Site (m.facebook.com), or from within the Facebook app. [/quote]

There is another option for you. If you just want to dismiss Facebook Live notifications from a single person or page, you can easily do this in few seconds within the notifications themselves. You Just long-press on the person or the page you want to terminate, and then choose whether to kill that single notification, or to turn off all notifications.

optioin of facebook live
Screenshot of Options after Long-pressing on the notification

I would recommend you not to turn off the Facebook Live notification unless you don’t like or never view the live video. Ya, I agree sometime it just gets irritated when you’ve got many of friends all showing the same thing (and the same thing that you yourself might be doing) but it’s not always. So, if you turn off the notification you will miss something interesting and beneficial.

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