While online messaging has become quite popular and preferred means of communicating, most of the users still use traditional SMS to communicate. Either way, privacy is still a major concern for Android users. Although messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber has implemented end to end encryption, the traditional SMS is still pretty vulnerable where privacy is concerned. If you are searching for a way to hide you text messages from your messaging app then read along. Android provides lock screen protection but  extra protection wouldn’t hurt, would it? Here’s how to hide Android SMS.

How to hide Android SMS

Hide Android SMS: Using Message Locker

The feature that makes this app stand out for the crowd is that it will not only hide SMS from your default SMS app but also from email clients and other 3rd party messaging apps. Message Locker will ensure your messages are safe by locking them in a vault that requires password for anyone who tries to access them. Read further to know how to use it.Message Locker - Hide Android SMS

Message Locker is available for free on the Google Play Store. Open the app and you will be asked to set up a new Pin or pattern to lock your messages. Only one pin or pattern is necessary to unlock the apps of your choice. Once you confirm the PIN or pattern, tap the right arrow key at the bottom. After all that is done, you can now select or type in a recovery email address just in case you forget the PIN. Now you can select messaging apps that are automatically detected. Select the apps you want to lock. That is all. There are some additional options which you can find if you tap on the 3 vertical lines on the top left corner.

Hide Android SMS: Using Private Message Box

Private Message Box is another brilliant app that can hide your message from prying eyes. With this you can also hide all the incoming message for specific contacts or hide the app icon as well. Moreover, you can refer this app to a friend and enjoy free messaging.Private Message Box - Hide Android SMS

Private Message Box can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Once the installation finishes, open the app and after reading a few pages of information, tap on Finish. You will need to set up a PIN now. Do it and then tap on Submit when finished.

You can also hide the app icon to make sure no one knows you are hiding something. To do so, select the Enable the Hide Icon Mode; or if you don’t care, select Enable it Later. You can also import database a precaution against app failures.  Moreover, you can enjoy free SMS with the fellow users but you will need to verify your phone number first. When prompted, set Private Message Box as your default messaging app. You can also find some useful options in the top left corner.

Hide Android SMS: Using Vault

Vault can not only hide SMS, but also your contacts, photos and videos. All these can be locked safely and can only be accessed if you enter the correct password. You can even set up private browsing through this app and recover forgotten password via email.Vault - Hide Android SMS

Vault is free on the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, open the app and you will be asked to set up a PIN to hide your stuffs. You have to enter 3 to 15 digit PIN. The premium version of this app will allow you to safe store all your backups on the Cloud with 1 TB of storage. The free version only has 1 GB of Cloud storage. You can also chose to hide photos and videos besides your text messages. You can either import messages to hide them or enable the Messenger plug in that makes sure you private messages don on show up in your messaging app or notification bar.

So these are 3 of the best app for hiding your text messages along with other stuffs. If you are using some other app, fell free to share it with on the comments section.

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