There is no denying the fact that math is difficult. While some people work hard to get better at it, some cannot. Some people tend to grasp the concept of a problem without eve breaking a sweat while some work on it for hours just to get an answer that not even remotely correct. Some of those who are bad at it cannot afford private tuition. Fortunately times have changed. You don’t necessarily need to join extra classes to solve math problems. That small slab of metal, glass and plastic inside your pocket will help you out. Below, we have listed and reviewed in brief some of the apps that can aid you in solving math problems. So if you are having a difficult time in solving problems or just looking for something that can help you learn more, these app can help you. Note that these apps can be a bit inaccurate at time if you are trying to detect an equation through the camera, so none of these apps are  worth comparing to a good math teacher. Solve math problems with these apps.

Solve math problems: Photo MathPhotoMath - Solve math problems

I assume you already know what this app does just by reading out its name. That’s right – Photo Math uses your device’s main camera to get the equations noted down on your text book and solves it for you. All you have to do is take the picture of an equation and the app will process it and come up with an answer. You will be impressed with Photo Math’s character recognition and how swiftly it recognizes play button

Solve math problems: SymbolabSymbolab - Solve math problems

Symbolab will help you solve different types of math problems easily and with great accuracy. The description of this app even stats that it is your personal math tutor. However, the steps be displayed only if you have paid for the app. I say it’s worth it. Symbolab can solve Algebra, Equations, Integrals, Limits, Derivatives, Functions & Graphing, Trigonometry, Series, ODE, Laplace Transform, Matrices & Vectors. It covers almost every aspect of play button

Solve math problems: MalMathMalMath - Solve math problems

This can be considered as the best math solving app from android with its clean and simple interface and easy to use functions. You will have no problem with understanding how this app works. All you have to do is type in an equation and the app will solve it in a matter of seconds. This app is highly recommended. google play button

Solve math problems: Math WayMathway - Solve math problems

Although Math Way may not be as refined as the apps mention above, this app has the potential to be one of the best math solving app. Nonetheless this app works alright but some functions may not seem fully developed. You can try out this app see if it suits you needs. You can either manually enter the equation  in the app or use the camera. However the camera feature is buggy and need refinement. The answers, however, are accurate and you can also see the steps involved for a small play button

Solve math problems: MyScript CalculatorMyScript Calculator - Solve math problems

MyScript is actually a calculator that a problem solver but nonetheless it is still an amazing calculator for a touch screen. This app is particularly useful if your device has stylus like the S-Pen for Note devices. You can easily write down any equation like you do on a notebook  but unlike notebooks, you will automatically get the answer. MyScript Calculator detects the numbers and symbols and makes them usable. You can write an equation and the app will instantly solve it for you. However this app will not show you the steps involved in obtaining the answer. So if you are looking for something that can verify whether or not that problem you solved is correct or not, this app is for play button

These are it. The only thing that doesn’t satisfy is I didn’t have these apps when I was in high school. Math exams would have been so much easier. Even if you are good and math, these apps will help you get better. Comment below if you are already using an app that aids you in solving math.

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