Freedom 251 has created buzz around the world, the cheapest phone ever in the history of smartphone. It is impossible to think about any smartphone this cheap. India is said to be world’s second-largest mobile market and has one billion mobile phone subscribers. There are large numbers of people in India who cannot afford a smartphone because of their low income. The main aim of the company, Ringing Bells is to provide the smartphone to those who has less income and has mainly focus on the rural area of the country.freedom 251

Freedom 251 priced at Rs 251 (approximately $4) will start delivering from June 30 and it will only be available to pre-registered users in India. The company said it will deliver 2,00,000 phones (Two Lakh phones) in the first phase. The registration will be opened again after completing the first phase for those who wish to buy this handset. Previously, shipping was delayed in February after 7 million visitors crashed website. The company even said it was receiving 600,000 hits per second on its website soon after the outage.

The product is going to be out on June 30 but there are still lot of questions coming in mind of the people. Whether the phone really going to have the promised feature? How the hardware of phone going to be? The real question is, How the phone is going to look like because the previously shown model was different. Actually the phone was of another company called Adcom. Ringing Bells just erased the Adcom branding and used its company name of the phone.

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freedom 251
Rumored photo of New Freedom 251

Ringing Bells’ CEO says that his company is taking a loss on every phone right now and it’s hoping to compensate for that through large volume of selling.  It is also said that the phone will have all features that was promised. Well it is a 4 inch phone with 8GB internal storage(expandable up to 32GB), running on Android Lollipop version 5.1 . It offers 1GB RAM with 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 1450 mAh battery. The phone is said to be available in either black or white and comes with pre-installed Facebook, YouTube, Google Play and WhatsApp.

Ringing Bells founder and chief executive officer, Mohit Goel said “Our devices are completely ‘Make in India‘ and were manufactured at our Haridwar-based manufacturing unit”. If this first phase become successful then it could change the local phone market. Even the low-cost smartphone on the market right now is not affordable to some Indians. So, here is the catch that all people can have smartphone in India but Critics claimed it would be impossible to create smartphone for this price.


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