The ultra-lightweight Apple New AirPods, fully wireless headphones offers a reliable wireless connection. So, why not use AirPods and new AirPods 2 with Android devices. While these handy little gadgets are perfect to go with both Android and iOS devices, one problem some face is the low volume issues in Android devices while using AirPods. Although having low volume problem in most of the Android devices, Apple’s AirPods work fine with apps like Google Play Music, etc. How to solve volume issues while using AirPods and new AirPods 2 with Android device, you ask? Here’s a solution that might help you.Airpods with Android

AirPods with Android: Solve Volume Issues

First and foremost, here’s what you need to do. You have to enable developers option in your Android device. Android Developer Options allow you to  debug apps over USB, capture bug reports, show CPU usage on screen, etc. In order to enable developer options:

  • Go to Settings >> Advanced Settings (in some devices)
  • Navigate to About Phone
  • Find Build Number
  • Tap on Build Number several times, until see an alert congratulating you for being a developerTurn On Developer Options

Now all you need to do to solve volume issues with AirPods on Android platform is to disable absolute volume.

Note: Disabling absolute volume works even if you are having problem with Bluetooth speakers or audio devices other than AirPods

In order to, disable absolute volume:

  • Go to Settings >> Developer Options
    Depending on the smartphone you’re using, Developer options may be located in Advanced Settings or System settings.
  • Locate Disable Absolute Volume and toggle onDisable Absolute Volume

Congratulations! The low volume issue with your device must be now solved. Or is the problem persistent? If this doesn’t solve volume issues, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. With the new AirPods 2 I’m having an issue that the buds always turn on at HIGH volume. As soon as I hit the volume control on my Android the volume decreases but the fix above did not resolve the “these are going to cause hearing loss” issue I’m struggling with now. Any suggestions? I’m using the Pixel XL 3.

    • Same here. Just bought AirPods 2 and experienced same thing. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S8.
      Contacted Apple support and visited the store but could not solve the problem, so got mine refunded…
      Want to get one if there is a solution to it.

    • Same here. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S8.
      I contacted the Apple support and even went to the official store but couldn’t fixed the problem so I got mine refunded.
      I want to get one if there is a solution to it.

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