There are very few among us who don’t use Facebook, and same is the case for Android OS. And the case is that, most of us just love to use Facebook in it’s own app in our Android device, no matter whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. There is also another one case- most of us also have a limited data plan, which requires to be managed properly, otherwise makes a hole in our pocket. This can be justified by making the videos which are shared on Facebook to not play themselves, i.e. disable autoplay for Facebook videos in Android device we use. This can also be useful in another matter even if we have unlimited data plans- disabling the autoplay makes our Facebook, along with other websites load faster, since the Facebook videos consume lot of Bandwidth while trying to play themselves. Not only can be these reasons, we may just want to disable autoplay for Facebook videos because the sound which comes when the videos play, may be annoying for us, since not all the videos which are shared in Facebook can be liked by us. If you’re the one who’s trying to disable autoplay for Facebook videos in Android and not having the idea how to do it, here we are sharing the idea for the same. All you need to do is just to follow the below given simple steps:

disable autoplay for facebook videos

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ which is within the app.
  • Scroll down until you get to App Settings.
  • Below there, you’ll see the ‘Video Auto-play‘, which may have been set ”On’ by default. Tap there, and select ‘Wi-fi only’or ‘Off’, as your choice.

You’re now done. The videos will now automatically play over your Wi-fi networks only, or not play themselves at all, depending upon the option you’ve set. Happy Facebooking!


  1. I’ve done that and still it plays! My data plan is limited which resulted in a huge extra cost last month and expecting this month as well. Any other suggestions other than to completely disable fb?


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