In the current days, most of us are almost as addicted to WhatsApp chat as Facebook, and often hang in it a lot. But during the course of WhatsApp chatting in our Android smartphone and tablet, we’ve to go back to the app to send or see messages, and to click it back every-time is boring. While playing games, while surfing the internet, or while playing a video or whatever else we’re doing in our Android device, we’ve to get back to the app to view and reply the messages. Have you ever imagined how easier life could be if you could receive the WhatsApp chat heads notification in your Android smartphone, same as that of your Facebook messenger? There are probably none of us who appreciate the Facebook Messenger’s chat head notifications, and the ease it has made for us to chat in Facebook. We can click on the picture where we get a notification, and then seamlessly read and respond to messages without having to stop what you’re currently doing on your device.Well, the same will be the case for WhatsApp too, if you want so.

whatsapp chat heads notification

Seebye has created an app for us to recieve the WhatsApp chat heads notification in our Android device, which is the Seebye Chat Heads. You can go to the Google play store and download this app for free. When you download it and have it installed in your device, launch it. For this to work for Whatsapp on your Android device, however, you will be required to have your phone rooted. You can have the option to use this app as a stand-alone app or as a FN extension. Using this, you can create a chat head manually, or wait for a incoming message so that the chat head is created automatically. You can easily chat through the pop-up, and clicking on the chat head in the Floating Notifications mode opens a menu with the options to open the popup chat. Though it is not as fast as the Facebook messenger, but still it is so much useful and works effectively.

Another major benefit of using this app as chat head for WhatsApp is that your last online time won’t update if you’re using the app to answer. And hence, it has also made easier for you to avoid the nonsense messages you get in WhatsApp, since there is less likely for the messages to appear if you don’t stay online that much (they don’t see even if you stay). Enjoy your WhatsApp chat heads notification.


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