How to Hide and Unhide message/chat in Viber for both iOS and Android devices

All of the people are concerned about their privacy. Many of us have even set the lock (pin, pattern, touch ID, face ID) to avoid unauthorized access on our phone. Sometimes our friends and family ask our phone to use but we don’t realize what they are doing with the phone. It‘s really annoying when they try to see the personal messages/chat in Viber while using our iOS or Android smartphone. There are some of the messages that we want to keep personal or hidden and never want anyone to see those messages in Viber.

Hide and Unhide message/chat in Viber

Viber is a messaging app that all of us know and many of us even use this app. We all know that this messaging app doesn’t ask any log-in approval to enter into. Many of us even think this is good because we don’t have to enter the username and password again and again. But sometimes this easiness to open the Viber can lead us to a big problem.  Today, I will show you How to Hide and Unhide message/chat in Viber on iOS and Android with the process to find hidden message/chat.

Hide the chatThe process to Hide and Unhide chat message in Viber

How to Hide message/chat in Viber

  • First, open the Viber and go to Chat screen
  • Find the chat you want to hide
  • In iOS devices:  Swipe the chat to the left and click Hide (Call, hide and delete option will come)
  • In Android devices: Press and hold the chat (A dialogue box will appear with two options- Delete chat and Hide chat)
  • Now click on Hide chat. (Another dialogue box will appear asking you to set the 4-digit secret PIN.
  • Enter the 4-digit secret PIN and you will no longer see that chat/message in Chat screen

Alternative Method: (For both iOS devices and Android devices)

  • Click on the chat you want to hide,
  • Swipe left or Select the gear icon (which is on the top-right corner of the chat screen)
  • Select ‘Hide this chat’ and follow the remaining process as above.

Note: You can also use your Touch ID or Face ID as your PIN if you are using an iOS device to hide/unhide chat messages in viber app.


How to find a hidden message/chat:Find a hidden message/chat

  • First, open the Chats Screen
  • Go to search bar and enter 4-digit PIN (You can even enter the name of the chat)
  • You will see that hidden chat, click on it and enter the 4-digit PIN to enter into the message.

How to Un-hide message/chat

  • First, open the Chat
  • Swipe left or Select the gear icon (which is on the top-right corner of the chat screen)
  • Scroll down and find Unhide this chat option
  • Now select ‘Unhide this chat’ option and enter that 4-digit PIN or scan your Touch ID
  • Chat will once again be visible in your chats screen.

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  1. In the current version of android app, it is not possible to un-hide a hidden chat. This ‘Unhide this chat’ option is missing under the : menu (note: there is no gear icon either).

  2. Hi, I’m trying to hide a conversation on my IPAD

    You wrote above that for iOS devices, swiping left will show Call, Hide and Delete options. But when I do that, I only see Call & Delete options. There’s no Hide option.

    Could it be that you’re using a newer version? If so, what version is this?

    Also, if my problem is a version issue, how come my IPAD doesn’t auto-update the Viber version?

  3. what if i accidentally hide a new chat with a new number(still unstored on contacts) how to unhide it? i know my 4digit pin. but as soon i select the hidden chat disappears.

  4. I have an hidden chat 3 years ago from now. I formated my iphone and now I receive notification when i got new message from this hidden chat, but i cannot access. It says that you dont have hidden message. Also when I go to settings to change the pin it does not allow me to change, because i ” dont have” any hidden message.
    I emphasize that i receive notification when i got new massege from this hidden message.

    Please tell me how can I access to this chat. I need it!

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