One of the biggest features of new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Iris scanner which allows you to unlock the device by just looking at it. This feature is somehow very useful which takes the security of the phone to whole new level. This new feature will surely help you to get rid of annoying pin and password to unlock the phone.  People are very much curious to know, What actually iris scanner does? How much is this helpful? and How does it work? Well, here I will let you know everything about iris scanner.

Iris camera and LED

If you see top portion of front of the Note 7, there you can notice two things near to the front facing camera. First one is IRIS recognition camera that you can find on the right side and second is IRIS recognition LED that you can find on the left side, that works together to scan your eyes. Basically LED illuminates your eyes while the camera reads your eyes. Only one pair of eye can be put in the system so that you can only unlock the device.

Process to Set-Up the Iris scanner:

Before you actually register your irises, you do have to set the back-up pin, password or pattern lock as a requirement. It is also recommended that you perform the set up indoors. Since the sensor uses near infrared light, Samsung disclaims that it to work, you have to be either indoor or away from the direct sunlight. The process is simple and as easy as you set any other security to your phone.

Iris Scanner

  • First go to Setting >> Lock Screen and security >>Irises
  • Set a quick pin or any other as I mentioned above.
  • Then accept the terms and condition which is pretty long.
  • After that you’ll see some of the information about how to use iris scanner properly.
  • Some of them are-not to wear glasses and contact lenses, hold your device 25 to 35 cm away , place your eyes in the two circles which you can see the display.
  • After completing the process, you are ready to use iris scanner.

Some of the measures you should apply while unlocking the phone from iris scanner:

The iris scanner need to be facing pretty straight to be used and really can’t be rotated more than a few degrees. So there is no upside down unlocking. It is nearly impossible to unlock the iris scanner when you phone is on the table as your angle of face doesn’t seem to match the scanner. The iris scanner is amazingly accurate looking straight to the device.

iris scanner new

  • Hold your device up so that your eyes will be detected properly.
  • It’s better not to use Glass or contact lens while using iris scanner. Glass or contact lenses may cause you some issue like it won’t recognize.
  • Open your eyes fully.
  • Avoid direct sunlight while using iris scanner.
  • Keep the camera clean so that it will help to recognize your eyes fast without any trouble.Iris Mask

The users interface offers some cool mask preview for you to align your eyes when unlocking the phone. But once you start using it you’ll notice that the service is so fast that you won’t even see it unless your eyes are not aligned.

This iris scanner is not always active. So you just can’t pick up the phone and look at it to unlock. You need to press Home key or Power key to wake the device then swipe up the screen and you will see the iris scanner.

You’ll be pretty much amazed to know some of the things about iris scanner. You can unlock the phone just by one eye. It works under water also and the best thing is it works as fast as it works outside (normally). That is pretty impressive. It also works absolutely fine in low light.

The same security features that unlock the device can also be used to secure folder. You can also set iris scanner for web sign-in as long as you are using the Samsung browser also for Samsung account verification and obviously unlocking the phone.

So these are the information about iris scanner that you need to know. Share with us, what do you think about this iris scanner?



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