In today’s world, Wi-Fi has become a must. Wi-Fi has taken over mobile data and is more cost efficient too. Today, not only smartphones but also wearables and gadgets support W-Fi compatibility. Nevertheless, Wi-Fi issues are very likely to strike and you feel the urge to boost Wi-Fi signal.

Boost Wi-Fi Signal

Having a poor internet connection on your device can be really irritating. Also, sometimes low signal strength and poor internet connection can cause a great loss. Here, in this article, we have come across some tips to help you boost Wi-Fi signal on your Android devices.

#1. Choose the appropriate location

Many people tend to keep the Wi-Fi routers in a closed place like a closet, behind the TV, etc. But the device should be placed in an open environment. Choose the location like a table-top or a wall mount. This helps to deliver better signal. Also, do not place your router amongst electronic equipments. Walls, doors, mirrors, etc. all obstruct the signal strength. Make sure you have placed your router in an open space so your Wi-Fi signal doesn’t get obstructed.

#2. Avoid poor connections

Tell your device to avoid poor connections. Most of the Android devices have the feature where you can just set the phone not to connect to poor network connections. Go to Settings >> Wi-Fi >> Advanced >> Check on Avoid poor connections.

Avoid Poor Connections

#3. Change the Wi-Fi Frequency band

Nowadays, many Android devices run on 5 GHz frequency band. But there is a high possibility that your device may be running on 2.4 GHz. You will want to change your Wi-Fi frequency to 5 GHz. The higher frequencies have more free space on the spectrum and gives you a better Wi-Fi signal.Boost Wi-Fi Signal - Change Frequency

You can change your frequency band via Settings >> Wi-Fi >> Advanced >> Wi-Fi frequency band. You can select 5 GHz only but it’s recommended to select Auto so that your phone runs on 5 GHz whenever possible.

#4. Upgrade your firmware

Every update brings some changes in your device. With every update on your baseband or radio, your Wi-Fi and Mobile Data signal gets updated too. Most firmware gets auto-update. But if you’re using custom ROM, then you will have to manually update it. To check for updates, Go to Settings >> About >> Software updates

#5. Use Android Apps to boost Wi-Fi signal

The Android ecosystem is full of apps. You can find lots of apps to boost Wi-Fi signal strength in the Google Play Store. Here are some apps that I’ve tried:

Wi-Fi Booster & Analyzer: This app, as the name suggests, analyzes your Wi-Fi and tweaks your connection according to it. The features:

  • Shows Wi-Fi info & it’s signal strength
  • Provides manual boost
  • Background analysis and boosting
  • Also works as Wi-Fi detectorWifi Booster and AnalyzerDownload Wi-Fi Analyzer & Booster here.

Wi-Fi Signal Booster + Extender: Another app, that has taken me over is Wi-Fi signal booster + extender. It has an easy user interface and boosts as well as extends your Wi-Fi signal. Features:

  • Simple user interface
  • Checks current internet speed
  • Wi-Fi extender feature
  • Track your internet speedWifi Booster + ExtenderDownload Wi-Fi signal booster + extender here.

Network Booster-WiFi Manager: Network Booster-WiFi Manager makes your Wi-Fi connection faster and more stable. It also scours for high-quality Wi-Fi for you. Features:

  • Specialized optimization technology
  • Signal enhancement
  • Safety monitoring
  • Speed TestNetwork Booster-Wifi ManagerDownload Network Booster-WiFi Manager here.

If none of the above methods work, you can try investing in extra equipments like extender, antenna, etc. These equipments expands the network coverage. Using external equipments can boost Wi-Fi signal to a great deal. Which of the methods helped you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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