One time or other, every Android user has come across it’s lag issue. Android lag is a very common issue in most android devices. The device works fine when it is new. But with time, the android performance suffers and even the best and fanciest device starts to set back. This problem is nothing to worry about. Android devices are very prone to hang up when the device starts to heat. Other issues like low RAM, low battery, background app sync/update, etc. may also cause your device to bog down.

Android Lag - Main

Try some of these fixes to solve your Android lag issue

Fix 1:  Reboot your device

Restarting your device drains some amount of persistent memory. This causes the device to perform better. To restart your device, simply:

  • Hold the “Power” button until a menu appears
  • Select “Power Off
  • Wait 10 seconds after the device is off
  • Press and hold the “Power” button to power the device back ON.

[quote]For the long run, reboot your phone at least once every weekend. [/quote]

You can also try battery pull method. For this: Turn off the device >> Pull the battery out >> Leave battery out for 10 seconds >> Put it back in >> Restart your device.

Fix 2: Clear Cache Memory

Clearing the app cache and system cache may be able to halt the Android lag. In order to clean the app cache, go to Settings >> Applications >> Select app (which you want to clear) >> Storage >> Clear Cache. If this doesn’t help, you can also wipe cache partition to clear the system cache. For this:

  • clear cache partitionTurn off your device
  • Press Volume Up and Power Button together to enter Recovery Mode
  • Use Volume Down/Up buttons to navigate
  • Select Wipe Cache Partition
  • Press Power button
  • Select Reboot system now

You can see the progress at the bottom of the screen. A message will appear after the completion

It depends upon the device that you are using to go to Recovery Mode. For some device, pressing Volume Up and Down with Power button at the same time helps to go in Recovery Mode. Just find out which one works for your device to enter in Recovery Mode.

Fix 3: Free up space

Sometimes, your device may be hung up because of the low storage. Try uninstalling unwanted applications to free up space on your device. You can delete the unwanted apps you installed or simply disable the pre-installed system apps.

Delete Android apps you installed

  • Go to your device’s Settings
  • Tap Application manager
  • Choose the app you want to uninstall
  • Choose Uninstall

Uninstall Google App Updates

Disable pre-installed system apps

You can’t delete the pre-installed on your Android device. But you can disable them. To disable the system apps:

  • Go to your device’s Settings
  • Tap Apps or Application manager
  • Choose the app you want to uninstall
  • Choose Disable

[quote]Also, when you are done using an application make sure you close all the background apps and free up the RAM. [/quote]

Fix 4: Disable widgets and animations

When enabled, widgets and animations take up a fair share of resources. Disable all the widgets and animations that you don’t need to speed up your device.

Fix 5: Factory reset

If nothing works, perform a factory reset. Factory reset will restore your device to the default settings. But before you perform the reset, be sure to back up your data to prevent loss of useful information. You can either reset your device using Settings menu(recommended) or either perform a hard reset.

Factory Reset - Android Lag

[quote]How to Factory Reset your Android Device
How to Hard Reset your Android Phone[/quote]

Besides these fixes, make sure your phone doesn’t heat up. Let us know which of the fixes above help speed up your Android device?


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