Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 are reporting an error they are facing when trying to connect to a WiFi network. This Authentication Problem message can be caused by a few reasons. To sort this out, we’ve decided to write a troubleshooting guide to help those who are facing this problem. Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi Authentication Problem.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi Authentication Problem

As the reason behind these kinds of errors can be difficult to pinpoint, there are few general troubleshooting steps you can perform to fix them. Let’s start.

Forget the Network

If the settings of the WiFi network you are trying to connect has been changed since the last time you’ve logged into it, the Galaxy Note 10.1 will display this error message. If this is the case, the solution is simple – just forget the network and re-connect to it.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi Authentication Problem

To forget a network on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Go to System Settings.

Step 2: Select WiFi.

Step 3: Long press the Wifi name you’re trying to connect.

Step 4: Choose Forget this network option.

Step 5: Try to connect to the same network again. This should fix the problem if the password you type in is correct.

Make sure you double-check the password and see if it has spaces or hyphens, upper case, and lowercase letters. Sometimes even if know the password, we type in the wrong one. If this didn’t work, the problem might be the router.

Reset Router

If the problem is not from the device’s side, then it might be the router’s fault. Some of the router cases can be solved by simply restarting it. You can even reset the router and reconfigure it if the problem still persists. Try to connect to the WiFi network now.

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