Edward Snowden released an app; a security app. He’s the guy who leaked confidential government documents revealing secret mass surveillance programs. This guy is either a hero or a traitor; t depends on who you ask. This open source app that he released some time ago allows any device running Android to be used as a recording device. Here’s how you can turn Android into secret recording device.

Turn Android Into Secret Recording Device

The purpose of this app is to make you feel safe. It allows you to set thresholds for motion, audio and such. after configuring, you can leave the phone somewhere you want and it will notify you if something sets it off. This is useful if you know someone is following you and let you know they are not successful in getting into, let’s say, your room and notify you if and send recording if anything set it off. This is the reason it was user by Columbian activism group.Turn Android Into Secret Recording Device

You can get Haven from the Google Play Store. After installation, you can configure the audio threshold by speaking and motion threshold by moving in front of the cameras or you can just adjust using the slider. The alarm will trigger if anything passes the threshold. Both the front and rear camera can be used to you don’t have to worry about facing the device in the right direction. If the app detects anything unusual, it’ll send a text to the configured number or encrypted messaging system. You can also setup Tor. After it’s been configured, the app will set a countdown timer for you to leave the room. Now, Haven will send you a text whenever it detects something that’s over the configured threshold. It’ll also record audio and video

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