Video games on PC are built with different settings as the systems of each player varies. This allows users to play different titles even if their system is not the best of the best, with high-end hardware. Although the experience may vary, nevertheless will help gamers to play the game. The scene is completely different for mobile games. The settings are limited. So some games may not even try to run on certain devices. Hopefully, Android has a highly customizable environment and you may tinker with the settings on some of the titles. In this article, we will be talking about PUBG and how we can alter its graphics settings to make the game more responsive. Here’s how to change graphics settings on PUBG Mobile.

Change Graphics Settings on PUBG Mobile

With the app called GFX Tool for PUBG, you can customize the graphics settings and get yourself more Frames Per Second for smoother gameplay experience. This tool doesn’t even require a rooted device. So let’s get going.Change Graphics Settings on PUBG Mobile

First, you should check your device’s screen resolution. You can refer to its packaging, or use the apps like Device Info. Now, let’s begin tinkering with the settings by downloading Graphics Tool for PUBG. This tool will let you change the screen resolution, FPS, HD style, shadows, etc. You will not find vast settings like you do on PC games, but playing around with these settings can really improve your overall experience. Play around with the settings depending on how your device performance is and tap on Accept to apply it. open up the game and give it a go. You will notice some differences in the gaming experience. The level of improvements will depend on your device’s hardware so going all ultra on the settings if you have a weak device will only degrade the gaming experience. You may also want to check the in-game settings.

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