Before you blame us for promoting illegal downloads, let me state the fact that BitTorrent is not illegal. It is actually a P2P or peer-to-peer networking system which makes it easier to share data. You usually download a single file from a server but in P2P you the file in parts from the users who have already downloaded the complete file. This makes it faster to share data. There are, however, illegal applications of BitTorrent. Most of the torrent site has copyrighted data for you to download. The things you do with BitTorrent is your choice but BitTorrent is a completely legal technology. Most of the open-source OS gives you a torrent file with which you can download the actual ROM. Using BitTorrent is fairly easy but you some may need some guidance at first. This is what this article is for. Here’s how to download torrents on Android.

Download Torrents on Android

There are quite a lot of BitTorrent clients for Android, you can choose any of the ones you want. Once you’ve installed your preferred client, you’ll need to grant permissions if the app asks. The client setup phase is done. You can tweak some settings but let us leave them the way they are.Download Torrents on Android

Downloading a torrent file is simple. Let say you want to download Ubuntu. You can download it the traditional way, but the better choice would be to download it using BitTorrent if you have an unreliable and slow network. Head over to Ubuntu’s download page and scroll down till you see “BitTorrent” heading. Tap on the version you want and it’ll download a torrent file. Now all you have to do is tap on the .torrent file and the client will ask for confirmation and start to download.

This is one way of downloading files via BitTorrent. Some sites also have a feature called Magnet Link. This removes the steps where you have to manually download the torrent file. Tapping on Magnet Link will automatically open the torrent client and ask for confirmation and start downloading the file.

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