Android Go, the successor to Android One, is Google’s latest move to make devices with poor hardware run smooth. Devices running Android Go are being introduced in the market. Now, you can install Android Go on mostly any device running Android. Here’s how to install Android Go patch.

Install Android Go patch

This patch enables low RAM mode on your Android to make more RAM available for other apps to make the device run smoother. Moreover, installing this patch make Play Store recognize your device as Go device and offers you Go versions or lighter versions of apps like Youtube Go and Gmail Go.Install Android Go

Applying this patch will make the system use less RAM, 400mb or less. This enables the system to run smoother by giving away more RAM for apps to use. So before we start, make sure you have a working recovery and back up all your data. Follow the steps below to install this patch;

Step 1: Download android_lowram_enabler and android_lowram_disabler to enable low Ram mode and disable the mode if you do not like it.

Step 2: Put the files in your device’s storage and turn it off. Reboot it in recovery mode.

Step 3: When inside recovery, select the install option and choose android_lowram_enabler. It should be in the download folder if you downloaded the file straight on your device or, find it in the folder you copied it to.

Step 4: Install it.

Step 5: Once the installation finishes reboot the device and you’re done.

Now, your Android will be running on low RAM mode. The system should feel smoother. If you do not like this mode, you can revert to normal mode by following the steps above but replacing the enabler file with the disabler. This patch should work on any versions of Android from KitKat 4.4; all you need is recovery mode on your Android.

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