Most of the Android devices nowadays comes with at least 8 GB to 16 GB of storage space but only 1 GB of RAM. This is enough for most of the operations that your device performs but what if you can increase the RAM? Physically this is not possible for us to increase RAM like we do it on our PC but what we can do is “swap” i.e. add an area in storage to be used as a RAM. With additional RAM, many activities which would run slow previously could run faster. However your device must be rooted for this to work. Here’s how to increase RAM on Android device.

How to increase RAM on Android device

First of all you have to make sure your device’s kernel is swap compatible. Download Memory info and Swapfile Check app to check your device’s compatibility. Once you finished installing the app, open it and tap on Start RAMEXPANDER Test Here and select the SD card. If your device is compatible, you will get a Congratulations message. Now you can install the Ram Expander app. It is not free and will cost you $10.10 (price at the time of writing this article).ROEHSOFT RAM Expander 1Once the app is installed, run it. It may ask for root permission and ask you to select preferred language. You will now have to adjust the size of SD card and use slider to allocate the RAM size. If you are not confident about this, you can simply tap on Optimal Value and let the app decide the RAM size for you. When you are happy with the swap size, tap the Swap Activ button. Make sure you enable Autorun so that you don’t have to repeat the steps all over again after you reboot your device.ROEHSOFT RAM Expander 2This is it. This is how you can increase your android device’s RAM. I recommend you to buy the fasted SD card on the market to use for swapping for best performance. Also, the new devices have adequate RAM to run your phone smoothly so use this trick to make your old androids with very low RAM to run faster.


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