Riptide is one of the best racing games on Android. The graphics is awesome and the gameplay is flawless. The best thing is the download size which is under 50mb!! For such a light weight app you get loads of challenging fast paced levels and realistic water and blur effects for eye candy. Now that Riptide 2 is out I decided to give it a go.  Let’s see what’s new.

riptide gp2

Graphics: Obviously the graphics are enhanced in GP2. The lightning looks better and the effects
are improved. If you’ve played Riptide GP on a non-Tegra device, you will notice that there was no blur

 The major change in GP2 is in the gameplay. The gameplay is actually smoother andfaster than before- exactly what we want from a racing game. You can play the game in two modes- Career and Online. In the career mode, you have to win races to progress through the levels. 

In each level you must beat different types of races such as – regular circuit racing, elimination rounds (where the last racer gets eliminated every 15 seconds and hot laps.effect when you hit the nitro. In GP2, blur effect is enabled for all devices. The new maps are even more beautiful and feature all kinds of weather day and night time. However, more eye candies are enabled for Tegra devices where better lighting, shadow and water reflections, splash effects are enabled.

riptide gp2

You start from beginner levels and after completing several races enter the ultimate cup. Completion of each race will earn you experience points, money and stars.  The experience points can be used to unlock new stunts or skills, the money to upgrade or buy new hydrojets and the stars to unlock new levels.

In online mode, after signing in your Google Play game services you can compete with other players in multi-player matches.

Price: Riptide GP2 is priced at $2.99 which is a dollar more expensive than GP1. The extra dollar is more than justified by the extra levels, loads of new stunts, better gameplay and graphics.

Verdict: If you like racing games, buy it.


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