The Android Play Store ecosystem along with iOS App Store is full of fun apps to try. Not only they have variety of entertaining apps and games, but also contains weird and crazy applications to try. One of such weird and crazy yet a fun application is FaceDance Challenge, a DiffCat Studio Game. The game is different from any other games that most smartphones today have to offer.

FaceDance Challenge

FaceDance Challenge! is an innovative and creative game concept. It uses the front camera technology to detect the player’s face in real-time. The game then compares your face with the emojis shown in the screen. The more your face matches the emojis, the higher you are likely to score.

Play FaceDance Challenge

The game provides you with an easy-to-use UI/UX platform. However, here is a basic guide to get started with FaceDance Challenge.

Step 1: Download and Install FaceDance Challenge

To use any application from the market, the first and foremost task to do is: download and install the app. The FaceDance Challenge application is free to download. However, the game has in-app purchases which might cost you some money. You can download your copy of the game in the Google Play Store (Android) or iOS AppStore(Apple).

FaceDance Challenge - InstallDownload FaceDance Challenge! Click Here(Android)
Download FaceDance Challenge! Click Here (iOS)

Step 2: Play FaceDance

After you’ve downloaded the game, grant permissions to access the camera, contacts, etc. as per the app needs. Select the music from the bottom portion of the app and start playing. You can also play using your own music and save your favourite ones. FaceDance Challenge - Play

Step 3: Record and Share

FaceDance Challenge - Record and ShareThe fun game also allows you to record your FaceDance and share the video on any social media. Now just record and share your FaceDance with your friends to challenge them.

P.S. The Vietnam-based Diffcat Studio has insisted to add the hashtags, #FaceDanceChallenge or #FaceDance when sharing to track the challenges among each other.

FaceDance Challenge is a unique concept that Diffcat Studio has come up with. With almost 6500 downloads, the game proves to be an innovation in the gaming world. Download the game NOW and get started with the FaceDancing. Let us know if you liked the concept and enjoyed the game in our comment section below.

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