The new version of iOS is a big leap for iPhone and iPad users. The cool new features of iOS 11 make you want to switch from Android to iOS in a click. The iOS 11 introduces enticing features such as customizable Control Center, revamped iOS multitasking and lots more. Although it’s catch-up features like one-handed typing, there are still many Android Features that iOS 11 lacks.Android Features that iOS 11 lacks - Andoid vs iOS

With iOS 11, iPhone and iPad opens up amazing possibilities to augmented reality. However, despite of the iOS 11 features, the new update still has to match with some of awesome Android features. iOS still has to level up its game to meet some of the outstanding Android features.

Here are some mind-boggling Android Features that iOS 11 lacks

#1 Multiple user accounts

Android Features that iOS 11 lacks - Multiple UsersThe iOS 11 comes with tempting cool features like new persistent app dock along with drag-and-drop across split screens. But the multiple profile setup on Android keeps you from switching to iOS devices. Whatever the reason may be but Apple has again passed on adding this feature to iOS. The multiple user profile setting on Android allows lets you keep your data and everything else from sharing between many users.

#2 Screen Search

iOS 11 comes with a feature that allows a quick and deep search via Spotlight, iOS’s universal search feature. Despite, sometimes there may be the need to search everything on the screen. With Android’s screen search feature, you can easily do a Google search about everything on your screen.Android Features that iOS 11 lacks - Screen Search

Perform Screen Search: Single tap on “What’s on my screen” button in Google Assistant

Performing screen search will scan the entire screen of your Android device and returns a quick relevant search results.

#3 Customize Do Not Disturb Schedules

Along with multiple user account settings, Android lets you customize many Do Not Disturb schedules. You can add different Do Not Disturb schedules for weekends, weekdays and many other reasons. These schedules can be customized accordingly and keeps your device quiet until the given time. However, iOS 11 lets you create only a single Do Not Disturb schedule, allowing Android to win this game.

Android Features that iOS 11 lacks - Do Not Disturb/Clear All

#4 Clear App Windows

One of the Android features that iOS 11 lacks is a Clear All button. Clear All button in Android’s task manager screen instantly allows you to clear all the open app windows. Although iOS automatically suspends the unused background apps, there’s no other way to clear the chunk of app windows on the multitasking screen.

Besides these 4 Android Features missing from iOS 11, Apple has to still compete with some other Android features that Android users love. iOS 11 is to bring the symbol shortcuts keys on iPad keyboard. That’s a feature you’d not say no to. But the “QuickType” keyboard is to target iPad only.

Would you give up these outstanding Android features and switch to Apple for iOS 11? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, comment your favourite Android features which you would like to see on iOS’s next update.

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