One of the most powerful smartphone today is the OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5 runs on Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) and is one of the hottest smartphones of 2017. The classy device is a well-rounded flagship with trending charts in the world of smartphones. The device has an ace camera with neat performances and the OnePlus 5’s custom OxygenOS. Most of the OnePlus 5 features were unveiled on stage. However, here in this article you will find some useful OnePlus5 Tricks and Tips.OnePlus 5 tricks

OnePlus 5 is feature-packed classy and speedy smartphone. And with is availability, it is sure to find lots of happy customers. If you are one of the happy customers, to try some of these OnePlus 5 tricks.

#1 Use Camera Shortcuts

Galaxy S8’s home button double-tap or Moto Z’s dual twist has somewhat made us crave for Camera shortcuts. Well, OnePlus 5  introduced its own built-in camera shortcut. Double-press the Power button (right hand edge of device) and access the shortcut now. The shortcut works even if the phone is locked, or not.OnePlus 5 tricks - CameraBut sometimes having a camera access even when the device is locked can cause some trouble. May be your friends flood your gallery when they get your device. Go to Settings >> Button >> Toggle ‘Press power button twice for camera’ and turn off the shortcut.

#2 Access Split Screen

Users nowadays desire split screens for multitasking irrespective of the platforms. Perhaps they want to run two apps simultaneously. Split screen in OnePlus 5 can’t be accessed by default. However, you can assign a shortcut to access the split screen. Simply, Assign ‘Open/Close split screen’ to a button.

Next time when you are using an app and want to change to another, just press the shortcut key assigned. You can also resize the app windows. Drag the central bar up and down according to you. When done, use the shortcut key to exit split screen mode.

OnePlus 5 tricks - Image

#3 More Shortcuts

We’ve somewhat grown fond of the shortcut keys. Now, you can add wide range of shortcuts to your OnePlus 5 device. Head to Settings >> Buttons >> Peek through Home/Recent/Back Button >> Assign shortcuts to the ten handy options presented.

You can add shortcuts according to your will. Now, open notification center, or particular app at once.

#4 Activate Reading Mode

One of the OnePlus 5 tricks that you can try is Reading Mode. The new OxygenOS feature turns your screen to grayscale and provides Kindle-like experience. To activate the Reading Mode: Go to Settings >> Display >> Reading Mode >> Tap ‘Turn on Reading Mode’.OnePlus 5 tricks - Reading ModeIn addition, OnePlus 5 also provides a feature to automatically turn on reading mode for selected apps. For this, in the Reading Mode tap on ‘Add apps for Reading mode’

#5 Turn on Gaming Mode

OnePlus 5 allows you to turn on Gaming mode for an uninterrupted game session. This mode blocks notifications along with disabling capacitive buttons. Enable Gaming mode via: Settings >> Advanced >> Gaming Do Not Disturb. You can also toggle this mode manually through Quick Settings.OnePlus 5 tricks - Gaming ModeTip: You can also use Gaming mode with the Reading mode for distraction free reading session.

#6 More OnePlus 5 Tricks

Besides these tricks, you can also make advantage of some other OnePlus 5 tricks. The OnePlus 5 device had announced a collaboration with Paytm. This collaboration allows you to open Paytm directly (Long press home button). By default, the feature is turned off. But you can activate it as: Settings >> Security & Fingerprint >> Quick pay.

OnePlus 5 tricks - Quick Pay

Some other features that you can try on your OnePlus 5 are:

  • Choose Bluetooth Audio Codec OnePlus 5 tricks - Bluetooth Audio Codec
  • Recent App ManagementOnePlus 5 tricks - Recent App Management
  • Inbuilt App LockerOnePlus 5 tricks - App Locker

OnePlus 5 is water-proof. So, you can just give it a rinse if your device gets a little messy. Also, make sure you use OnePlus’s proprietary dash charger for a longer lasting battery life.

What do you think of the features that OnePlus 5 has to offer? Did you get a hold to the features mentioned above? Let us know via the comment section below.

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