Here we have a list of the Top Android Platformer games. Keep in mind that while some of them are free, you may still have to make purchases in-game.


Badland is a simple game where you need to fly a (or few) bird like creature dodging the obstacles that come in your way and survive. All you need to do is tap the screen to fly the creature and the longer you press the screen, the higher it will fly. Don’t fall off or get smashed and you’ll do just fine. But as easy as it sounds, Badland gets pretty challenging when you advance to the higher levels. You need to utilize a couple of power ups, control multiple creatures, and successfully complete the level. There are 80 levels in Badland but you can only play 40 levels for free. The graphics is pleasant to look at. The backgrounds are beautiful and the graphics has a ton of details. Try the free version first but I am sure you will go for the full one after you play a couple of levels.

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Cordy 2Cordy 2

In Cordy 2, you control a little television like robot who is trying to rescue all his friends who are kidnapped by the notorious Boogaloo. Cordy 2 is free to play for the first 4 levels but after these levels are completed you need to unlock the full version. The controls are simple; the onscreen buttons make Cordy jump, teleport and speak to other in-game characters. The levels are beautifully decorated with gorgeous backgrounds and details. You have to collect gears (game’s form of currency) to unlock extra levels which consists of puzzles to earn more gears. The objectives are simple, the controls are easy and the graphics is gorgeous – Cordy 2 is worth your time.

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Granny SmithGranny Smith

Granny Smith is obsessed with apples, and when a thief steals them she puts on her rollerblades and starts her adventure to retrieve her apples. This is a physics driven game set across 3 worlds where you are armed with your cane, rollerblades and the buttons to control them. The main objective of Granny Smith is to cross the finish line crashing, swinging and jumping. Sounds easy? Tell that when the game catches pace and tests your patience and timing. The collectables in the game (gold and apples) does not have any significant benefit to the player as all they represent is a perfectly cleared level or help you skip levels. The soundtrack is pleasant old-school jazz which clearly represents the character you are playing. Overall, the game is a total time killer and worth it too.

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Oscura is a beautiful game with minimal, silhouetted graphics and is somewhat scary but absolutely fun to play. The story is that the world has a lighthouse that prevents dark creatures to infest it but one day the lighthouse explodes and Oscura sets out on an adventure to collect the light shards and repair the lighthouse. The gameplay seems easy but can get really difficult at times. However, your ability to slow down time for a period can help you get past an obstacle or red eye monsters. The controls are unique – taping on one side of the screen makes Ocsura run to that direction and tapping in the opposite side makes him jump. If this is too difficult for you then you can change the control scheme to virtual buttons. The game is completely ad free.

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Paper MonstersPaper Monsters

In Paper Monsters, you play as a little paper robot jumping on monsters and bombs whilst collecting buttons and paper clips. Buttons act as the points and are classified into gold and silver whereas the paper clips give you bonus points. The controls are fairly easy and can be changed between virtual joystick and classic touch pad according to the user preference. The beautiful 3D background make the game pleasant to play. The only in-game purchase is the skin for the character you play which offers no extra abilities so you don’t have to pay extra to keep playing the game. Paper Monsters is an excellent game, both graphics wise and gameplay wise.

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Prince of Persia: Shadow & FlamePrince of Persia Shadow & Flame

Probably every casual or hardcore PC and console gamers have played the Prince of Persia franchise. Now you can enjoy PoP on your Android device too. Shadow & Flame is based on the events of the Prince of Persia Classic. Jaffar, an evil sorcerer, turns the Prince into a beggar so you need to guide the unrecognizable Prince, defeat Jaffar and reunite with the Princess. The game offers in-game purchases where you can buy coins that can be used to buy upgrades and items but this isn’t absolutely necessary as the coins can be earned while playing the game. The controls are easy to get used to. One side of the screen is used to navigate while the other side is used to attack, jump and other actions. As easy as the game sounds, you will need some strategy to complete levels and dodge obstacles which means you cannot go straight swinging your sword and killing enemies. If you approach an enemy from behind, you can get an instant kill. If you are too fast or too slow and the enemy turns around, you are forced to fight or escape. The graphics and soundtrack are amazing. Ubisoft’s effort to bring PoP onto android is admirable.

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Rayman Jungle RunRayman Jungle Run

Rayman is a beautiful and simple 2D side scrolling platformer with amazing environment filled with color. You can enjoy the game playing the regular stages and the bonus stages. While playing, you need to collect some floating golden creatures called the Lums which can be used to unlock bonus stages. If you fall or run into spiked vine, you start again but there are hearts in some places which adds an extra life to help you complete the level. Rayman, the character you will be playing is running all the time so the only control you have is jumping which can be done but just tapping the screen. This game is amazing and is a must have for any platformer lovers.

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Wind-up Knight 2Wind-up Knight 2

Here, you play as a small knight who is set out on an adventure to save a princess avoiding obstacles. Wind-up Knight is an auto runner so all you have to do is make sure he jumps over obstacles, blocks falling objects, rolls under spikes and hits enemies. But the game is not as easy as it sounds and before you know you are returned to the last check point to try again. The worlds looks beautiful with a fairytale like theme. You may experience some unfair death which are mainly caused by pressing the wrong button but if you try harder you will totally enjoy this beautiful game.

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Mikey ShortsMikey Shorts

Mikey’s friends have been turned to stone and the only way they can be brought back is by touching them which in turn gives him energy to break barriers that are blocking his progress. You will be doing a lot of running, jumping, sliding, and collecting to complete levels. The coins you collect throughout the game is used to buy cosmetic items but there are no gameplay boosters that can be purchased. The retro graphics will give you an old school experience while you enjoy this fun game. The sound however is a bit of disappointment – jumping and collecting make the same sound but in different pitches. Fortunately, the game has no ads whatsoever and is really fun to play.

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This is another platformer with silhouetted graphics where you play the role of Spoing whose diamonds has been stolen. He needs to complete 50 levels using trampolines to sling-shot him through each level and get his diamonds back. The gameplay is smooth and easy if you are familiar with these types of games. The difficulty increases as you progress which eases you into the game as you get familiar with how the game works. The graphics are good, the sounds are soothing and the game is 100% fun and challenging.

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