Every day in our Android device, we use the settings menu quite a lot of times. That can be on adjusting the brightness, turning the Bluetooth and WiFi on or off, managing the apps and all. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can create quick shortcuts to any settings we need on Android?

With the passage of time, Google has been developing a lot to make Android easy to be used. Most of the parts of the setting now can be accessed in different ways. Such as, we can just long-press, and drag the app icon from the menu to ‘delete or uninstall’, to uninstall the app from the device. We can drag down the notification bar and turn the Wifi and Bluetooth on or off directly, without having to go to the Settings. However, there are certain features, for which we are compelled to go to settings. Such as, to turn on or off the Bluetooth, we need not go to settings, but to manage the paired devices, we have to go there. There are many examples like this for which we have to frequently go to Settings in the menu of our Android device.

create quick shortcuts to any settings we need on Android

Now, here comes the point. What if we could access different settings directly through our homescreen? For different aspects of the phone, we have different settings category. If we have the shortcuts of any particular category in the homescreen, we would not have to follow the long process repeatedly. There is really a solution for that, you can create quick shortcuts to any settings on Android. By creating widgets from the Settings menus, you can link to any screen of your choice, pick the one that you delve into most often and it can be right there on your device you’re using. It’s a useful alternative for options not already available in the notification drawer.

Create quick shortcuts to any settings on Android

  • Scroll right until you reach the Settings shortcut
  • Tap and hold and drag the icon to the home screen of your choice
  • With that done, a new list appears, enabling you to choose which menu pops up when you tap the shortcut.
  • All the main menus are available plus some specific options (like Battery Saver).

There’s nothing to stop you filling up a screen with Settings shortcuts if you want to, but you’ll probably want to pick out one or two. Of particular note is the Notification log, because this isn’t available anywhere else, it shows previous notifications that you’ve dismissed in case you want to review them.

Did you just create quick shortcuts to any settings on Android? How useful are you finding the widgets of settings? You can post your opinion in the comments section below.


  1. I can’t find the Settings widget shortcut on Android 5.0.2 Samsung S6, do you know where how I can reproduce your suggestion for Andriod 5?

  2. I have a Galaxy S5 with version 6.0.1. When I go to “Apps” and drag “Settings” onto a home screen, that’s it, there is no menu, not long press or anything, it just opens the full settings app. I looked in the Widgets and there is no settings there, so what am I doing wrong?

  3. Looks like the Earth swallowed the author of the article. no response to user questions.
    The article provides no usable advice, unfortunately

  4. From main screen, click APPS, then choose WIDGETS at the very top left. Scroll right thru the widgets til you see SETTINGS. That is the one you click & hold to place on main screen (menu of settings appears)

  5. I can get the Settings icon onto my screen but that’s not what I want. I want a shortcut on my screen which cuts immediately to the Accounts subsection of settings.


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