What is an iris scanner? As the name suggests, it’s a tool that scan your eyes – specifically your iris. It is a biometric authentication tool for logging in to your device, or features within it. Iris scanner uses the front camera and IR sensor to scan your eye. Note 7’s iris scanner is pretty decent but in an ideal lighting environment. Here’s how to set up Iris Scanner on Galaxy Note 7.

How to set up Iris Scanner on Galaxy Note 7note-4-iris-scanner - set up Iris Scanner on Galaxy Note 7

Setting it up is easy and can be done in two ways: the first time you turn on your Note 7 or through the Settings menu after. Follow the steps below to set up Iris Scanner on Note 7:

Step 1: Pull down the Notification Panel.

Step 2: Tap on the Settings icon.

Step 3: Scroll down till your find Lock screen and security. Tap on it to open.

Step 4: Tap on Irises.

Step 5: Enter the pin code, password or pattern you have assigned.

Step 6: Follow the steps to set up the Iris Scanner.

Step 5: Tap on Turn on.

Step 6: Optionally, you can choose to enable Web sign-in and Verify Samsung Account.

Step 7: You will now need scan your eye to get through the lock screen. Optionally, you can also use the assigned pin code, pattern or password to log in.

Now, to make the scanner work properly:

  1. Take off your glasses if you are wearing any.
  2. Hold the device 25 cm from your face.
  3. Make sure the device is parallel to your eyes.
  4. Make sure you are looking directly at the front camera.
  5. Keep your eyes open.
  6. Do not scan in direct sunlight.
  7. Clean the camera and IR sensor to avoid any complications.

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