The popularity and the quality of a Bluetooth headset have increased this past few years. More and more of the smartphone manufacturers are removing the headphone port from their device. But still, the quality and the loudness of the sound from a good old pair of wired headphones is something a wireless one may take time to replicate. You cannot do anything about the quality, but you sure can increase the loudness of a wireless headset. Here’s how to increase the volume of Bluetooth earphones.

Increase the volume of Bluetooth earphones

To protect the user’s ear from hearing damage, Android has set the max volume for Bluetooth earphones quite low. There was a separate control for increasing the max volume before Android 7 Nougat for both Bluetooth speakers and wired earphones or headsets. After Nougat, that option as gone. In the days of wired earphones, this was not a problem as the loudness was still pretty high. But after the trend of removing the headphone jack took over, this has become a problem.

There is, however, a workaround to that inside Android’s Developer options. After you finish this guide, you will find different controls for the Bluetooth volume and device volume. You will then be able to max out the volume at your own risk and enjoy the sound to full capability. The steps are simple so you will have no problem following them. Just follow these instructions.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down, find and tap on System.

Step 3: Select About phone.

Step 4: Find Build number and then tap on it 7 times in rapid succession. This will enable Developer options.

Increase the volume of Bluetooth earphones

Step 5: You can find the newly unlocked Developer options in Settings > System.

Step 6: Inside Developer options, there is a section called Networking.

Step 7: On the section, tap on the toggle beside Disable absolute volume to enable it.

Step 8: Finally, reboot the device.

This will disable the limit that Android has set on the earphones’ max volume. If you need to tweak the sound settings and adjust the equalizer, you can go to Sound settings inside the Settings menu. If you are okay with rooting your Android, you should check out Magisk and the modules it offers to help with the audio even more.

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