Here we have a list of the Top Android Sports games. Keep in mind that while some of them are free, they may still have in-app purchase feature.

FIFA 15 Ultimate TeamFIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 is not just a game of putting a ball into the goal post; it is also a game of numbers. From selecting the appropriate players to perfectly deploying tactics, you must have these well thought out. You start out with a few new cards to help you build a team. You need to balance the players and increase their chemistry. Placing the players from same country or same league will do you good. The gameplay is what it always has been. The controls comes with two variations – combination of buttons and taps and swipes. You can also use real money to purchase FIFA points and buy yourself a pack of best players. FIFA 15 is a brilliant game with perfect combination of awesome graphics and fantastic gameplay.

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NBA 2K15NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 is clearly one of the best attempts to bring console quality games to android. While you are playing you’ll feel like it is a real live NBA broadcast. The graphics are simply stunning with wide variety of animations. If you are into NBA, you’ll able to easily recognize the players from their faces. You can create a player, give him your face with My Career mode and face him with real players. Currently The Season and Blacktop modes are listed as upcoming. There are few reports of crashes and control issues but it should be fixed by the time you read this article. However, NBA 2K15 is probably the best NBA game there is for android.

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Another decent sports game is NHL 2K with decent graphics and gameplay. The controls are pretty easy and you can choose between two schemes. You will have a hard time keeping track of the puck but you will probably get used to it after a couple of games. You can create your own player and compete him with other players in the Career mode and slowly develop him from a rookie to a professional hockey player. Needing to control only one player make this game fairly easy but waiting for your turn can be frustrating even with the fast forward feature.

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Real BoxingReal Boxing

Real Boxing is unparalleled when the graphics are concerned but all other things need some fixing. You don’t need control you player’s feet as it move on its own but you have to perform the punches by your own. You can jab, cross, hook, uppercut, block, dodge and clinch. The controls are really simple and all the actions can be performed easily with few taps. You have to be good at timing and have patience to land your punches perfectly. If you are unable to do you multiple times, you’ll be knocked out instantly and you have to struggle to maintain your consciousness. The custom fighter you create will havr to work his way up by improving health, stamina and speed. This can be done in the gym with basic training games. Winning games can be hard but if you keep playing you’ll eventually achieve your hard earned victory. Run by the Unreal Engine, the visuals are fantastic. The fighters will sweat, bruise and bleed. The characters look real enough with the lighting effects and flares. A slight improvement in the gameplay elements would truly make this game the best.

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Real FootballReal Football

Real Football is another decent soccer game where you have to take control of a club and guide it through a season by winning matches. You have to higher players and manage your team to get through a season. Real Football give you the full control of the club. You can change everything of the club including the stadium. There are a lot of thing to consider if you want to win matches including the wellbeing if your players. You have to provide them adequate training, a good hospital, etc. if you want victory. You can use your real money to buy in game coins as you will require a lot of them. The graphics are goo and the control are easy. However, if you are looking for a intense and unadulterated soccer game, then I’ll recommend FIFA and Real Football is more of a causal kind of game.

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Real RacingReal Racing 3

Even though EA is considered the worst company, it still manages to impress us. Real Racing is an excellent game in terms of both gameplay and graphics. I love racing games and RR has managed to impress me. You have many types to racing to compete on including drag races, speed challenges, sprints and eliminations. You also get to drive ton o licensed cars from famous brands such as BMW and Porsche. You don’t have to control the acceleration as it is automatic but you can change it and use a rather complicated scheme with on-screen steering wheel and manual acceleration. There are probably no racing game that provides you with pure and real racing experiences. RR is not an easy racing game but you will be assisted. You have to update your car as same car is not enough to win you all races. You also have to service your car to make it perform well and repair the damage you have done while racing. The in-app purchases make this game rather frustrating. Best cars usually require you to pay real cash. It is free to play so go ahead and give it a try.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Who wouldn’t like the calm and peaceful game of golf? Tiger Woods PGA Tour delivers the fun of golf to your touch screen. The controls can be really simple and will work well in a touch screen as you can easily bend the arc used to calibrate the shot you are about to make. There are plenty of courses to play from which you can earn money which can be used to completely customize you character’s skills and abilities. If you thing you are good enough, you can try the Tiger Challenges for a whole lot of money by completing the assigned goals. As you can expect from EA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour is well polished and nicely presented.

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True SkateTrue Skate

True Skate is completely different from what you think. If you have expected this to be like the famous Tony Hawk Pro Skater than prepare to be surprised. True Skate is a sandbox style game where the only limit is your imagination. You will not be controlling a skater, making him perform the stunts. Instead, your fingers will act as the skater. You have to control the board like how you would control a real skate board – e.g. you tap on the tail of the board to pop up the board. This will be tricky and will take some practice but once you get used to it, True Skate is a lot of fun. You can do whatever you want to do in the Skate park – maybe create a new move by accident. While this game is a good news for any skater, non-skaters will have a hard time playing this game as they will not know what tricks can be performed. True Skate probably is the best skating game there is for android.

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Virtua Tennis ChallengeVirtua Tennis Challenge

Sega’s famous tennis game is now on you android device. Virtua Tennis Challenge give you a great tennis experience which is simply better than any other tennis game available in the market. You can choose one of the two control schemes available – the traditional D-pad setup and the touch screen controls where the player has to swipe or tap to perform various actions. You have three mode to play from – SPT World Tour, Exhibition and the multiplayer via Bluetooth. You have to create your own player and win matches to become the top player in SPT World Tour mode. You can compete in three tournament each day and a major tournament few times a week. Virtua Tennis Challenge is a straight forward but extremely fun to play game.

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