I’ve never like the way stock keyboard looked – dull. But one of the perks of being an Android user is to be able to change the stock keyboard with a third party alternative. There’s a huge selection of keyboard alternatives and over the past few years, the selections’ got even bigger. Choosing the right keyboard to fit your needs can be a wearying task. So, for your convenience I’ve made a list of few of the most powerful and popular best keyboard apps for android smartphone.

Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

1) SwiftKey:

Swiftkey android keyboardSwiftKey recently went from paid to free app. This app has been in the top for quite a long time and will continued to be in the top. This is probably the most fully featured and customizable keyboard app you’ll ever come across. With an enormous selection of themes, you can almost make it look like you. The prediction engine on it is just marvelous which can even learn from your email and social network. SwiftKey even feature gesture input functionality with which you can write by dragging your finger across the screen. And the good thing is that it never slows down and IT’S FREE!

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2) Swype:

Swype free trial keyboardThis is the keyboard app that introduced us to the idea of typing while dragging our figure across the screen or gesture typing. This is its signature feature but it’s perfectly fine to use it in regular fashion that is tapping on letters icons to type respective letters. Swype has be installed on various phones as default keyboard app by various manufacturers including the most resent Huawei Ascend P7. You can find it on the PlayStore and is free for 30 days.

3) Minuum:

minuumfreeEven its name hints out that it’s a minimalist keyboard which uses only a bit of your screen. Minuum has a powerful auto-correction engine on which it fully relies. It offers completely different keyboard experience but it may take time to get hold of it. But once you learn how to use it, you’ll forget about other keyboard apps and enjoy typing. Minuum is free to try out for 30 days.

4) Google Keyboard:

Google keybaordOkay, previously I said stock keyboards are dull; but not this one. A while ago Google decided to take out its keyboard from its core operating system and distribute it for free to the world through the PlayStore. It may not be as fully features and powerful as SwiftKey, Swype but it has a decent prediction engine. It has the familiar ASOP skin.

5) Fleksy:

Fleksy keyboard freeThis is another unique keyboard app which knows that you want to type even if you hit all the buttons wrong. This app doesn’t just see what letters you tap but also examines where you tap and tries to figure out what you wanted to type. Fleksy also has gesture input for increased productivity. And the good news is, this app is absolutely free.

So, these are the best 5 keyboard app for your Android that I could find. If you find a particular favorite or if you feel the list is incomplete, drop a comment.



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