Communication is much necessary for this rapid age. One needs to send a number of files, images, songs and videos when it comes to having quick communication. In the world of business, also communication has got a different significance. The app developers understand the need for such apps and hence developed some of the simple yet effective apps that can help one communicate to others quickly. There was a time when one was dependent on phone calls or emails only, which is not the case now with the introduction of these apps. Here, we have discussed top 5 application that one should have.

Have a look at some of the beautiful apps for easy communication which are given here:

1. Google Assistant:google assitance

Google Assistant is one of the top 5 application one should have on their phone. It is one of the apps that is much popular in the market presently. With the help of the Google Assistant, one can easily search a lot of things. The Google assistant can help one with voice search as well as words. There are a lot of features where one can carry out the task with the help of this app.

2. WPS Office:wps office

Those who love to view and send various documents on a smartphone, this is the perfect option that can help him to have a quick view of the same. WPS Office helps one to check different types of files which may be basically on a computer, but one can view it in its true form if this app is there on the device. It can check the documents in word, excel, PDF and many other formats.

3. Google Duo:google duo

It is a video calling app where one can go for a single video call or group call easily. The clarity of view, live streaming and good sound are some of the lucrative features of this app. To make a video call is simplified by Google Duo as one can add a number to call from his contact list and make the call. Though one can find many such video calling apps in the market, this app is known for its quality and perfection.

4. Vidmate:vidmate downloading app

Among the market, Vidmate app is much known for its utility as far as video downloading from any platform is concerned. It is easy to download and install the app. The dashboard of the same is created in a way that one does not need to take help of any professional when it comes to using this app for video downloading. There is also a quality setting available, which can help one get the desired video with good quality. It can download any video from any platform if the link offered is correct.

5. Evernote:evernote app

Evernote is a famous app that can help one to create a note for to do list. It is the easiest way to create notes and remove them. One can also set them on the screen and hence, even if the screen is locked; the list can be seen. It is also easy to remove the old list and create a new one. Hence one can avoid keeping lists in paper form and get the same on mobile.

 So, these are the top 5 application everyone must need this year. I hope you guys will take good advantage of these app and if you think there are other useful app that can help the people then let us know in comment section below.

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