It can be pretty expensive to buy songs just to check if you like it. you can use those free music streaming platforms like Pandora but their playlists are limited. If you do now want to spend money buying every new songs and album and also don’t want to hear the songs on your local playlist on repeat, Audials is the app for you. Audials is a radio app that gives you the world of music on your device. it is a global radio what offers you over 80,000 stations from all over the world. Here’s how to listen to songs from all over the world.

Audials – listen to songs from all over the world

It’s not just the songs you can stream; you can stream videos too. With their latest update, the quality of the connection has increased and the stream is now way clearer then it was ever before. You can also record the stream you like, but unfortunately, you cannot transfer them between devices. The app may seem huge and confusing at first, but the search function lets your target the area you like and navigate easily. Also, the app is ad-free. This means that nothing can and will disrupt your musical experience.Listen to songs

Even with the vast nature of the app, it is fairly easy to use. The base color is set to back so that all the elements that you can interact with can be seen easily. You can either browse around trying to stumble up a new music, or quickly go to the genres that you prefer and start listening. However, lazily browsing around may take ages as Audials delivers you stations not just from the US, but from around the world. It’s surprising how it managed to get so many stations. If you’re the kind of person who needs soft music to sleep, this is where the timers come in handy. You can put on some music, set the timer and slowly drift away to dreamland.

So, if you are tired of your local playlist and want to discover new music, then you’ll love Audials. The stations it covers is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. This is truly a magnificent musical experience.

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