Google Play Games is where you player identity is stored. It offers real-time multiplayer capability, game saves, leaderboards and achievements to make your gaming experience better. It is a useful app, but with a recent update, it has become better. Google has introduced a feature called Google Play Instant that allows you to try out any game without having to install the game itself. However, the current selection of games is limited but will expand soon. Here’s how to try out games with Google Play Instant.

Try out games with Google Play Instant

You can begin by opening the Google Play Games app. Now, go to the Arcade tab and scroll down till you see Instant Gameplay. Select it. There you can find the titles that are currently available for a trail. When you find the game of your choice, tap on it to try the game out.  The games will not be downloaded on your device but a small amount of content will still be downloaded within Google Play Games. Once the content is downloaded, you will be able to try it out. However, opening the game may take some time. When you finish a level or a match, the game will ask if you want to download it.try out games with Google Play Instant

It is unclear if this feature will be available for the paid game too, but with the current selection of titles, the gameplay is smooth with a little bit of more bandwidth usage. This feature would be a huge benefit for the consumer as there are a lot of fake apps that users fall victim to. If Google makes it mandatory for developers to support Instant Play, it would eliminate the problem. This would also help reduce app refunds.

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