Although you may never wanted to run Windows app on your Android device, but what if you could? Well, now you can. Wine project was recently released on Android. for those who don’t know, Wine is a compatibility layer that makes Linux, macOS, and BSD capable of running Windows apps. However, as its acronym says Wine Is Not an Emulator. Here’s how to run Windows app on Android devices.

Run Windows app on Android

Before you start, make sure you have Unknown sources turned on. This allows you to install 3rd party apps that are from outside Google Play Store. You can enable it through Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Tap on OK when prompted with a warning.

Wine is available for free on their website. Make sure you download the correct version of the app based on your device’s architecture. Use an app like CPUz to know your device’s CPU architecture. After downloading the correct version, install the apk and open it. Wait till Windows environment is created.

After it launches, you’ll see a Windows-style Start menu. To interact with Wine, you may need a keyboard and mouse connected to your Android device to sue Wine properly, but you can also tap. When you tap the start button. You’ll find two menus – Control Panel and Run.Run Windows app on Android

To run anything on Wine, you’ll first need to download and then install it. If you want to run a Windows executable file (.exe), you’ll first need to download it on your storage and then run it using the following command:

cd sdcard/Download/[filename.exe]

Here, I’m running a Windows .exe file that I’ve stored in Download folder on the sd card.Run Windows app on Android

This is it. If your device won’t run Wine, that means it is not compatible. Don’t worry, the list of the compatible devices will increase over time.

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