There are so many things the physical buttons on your smartphones can do beside their pre-defined tasks. Every smartphone has at least a power button and the volume buttons. Some may also have extra buttons like Samsung Galaxy’s Bixby button. The manufacturers do not let you change the behavior or add extra functionalities to these buttons. You cannot change the pre-defined behavior of these buttons, or at least that’s what the manufacturers think. It is now time to get more out of these buttons. Here’s how to change behavior of buttons on Android.

Change Behaviour of Buttons on Android

There are some apps that let you make better use of the buttons on your device. Some of the best are listed below.

Button Mapper

Change Behaviour of Buttons on Android

If you follow our website, you have heard about this Button Mapper before. This app lets you remap any buttons on your Android. Remapping the buttons is just one of the things it can do. Using this app, you can even set an action when you press a button once, or twice or long press it. It does not just work with the physical buttons on your smartphone, but also with the buttons on your earphones or any other clickable accessory. Button Mapper will let you link apps and shortcuts to the buttons. For example, you can double-press the volume up button to turn on the flashlight.

Keyboard/Button Mapper

Change Behaviour of Buttons on Android

This app functions identical to Button Mapper, but it has something more up its sleeve. Keyboard/Button Mapper lets you play with combinations. This means you can perform an action by using more than one buttons in combination. You can only use two buttons though. Moreover, you can even set shortcuts to an external keyboard and mouse. And if your device is rooted, you can do much more. It is free on the Google Play Store.

Trainer Stopwatch

Change Behaviour of Buttons on Android

Trainer Stopwatch is what its name suggests – a stopwatch. This app will let you use the device’s volume buttons to start and stop the timer. This way you accurately record the timings as you feel the buttons rather than use the touchscreen. Get it from the Google Play Store.

Frinky Music Controller

Change Behaviour of Buttons on Android

If you are anything like me, you prefer to not look at the screen to change the track. Some devices let you use volume keys to change the track when long-pressing it, but not all devices natively support this. This is where Frinky Music Controller comes in handy. Using this app, you can Forward, Pause, and Play using the volume buttons. The best thing about this app is that it works even when the screen is off. It supports over 200 music app so your favorite player is most likely to be on the list. Get it here

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