Nepal was hit by a strong earthquake recently. Thousands died and thousands were left injured. To help the victims many relief funds have been started. With the aim of helping the victims, Game Studio released a new game for iOS to help raise funds for the relief of people who suffered from this devastating calamity. Game Studio decided to buy food and medical supplies for the victims from the money raised through the advertisements. Here’s a short review of the app.Happie Bird 2

Happie Bird is very much like the Flappy Bird but with everything better. The gameplay is same – you have to dodge obstacles and collect coins along the way. You can also equip Manatwa (the name of the bird you will be playing) with loads of power ups to fight enemies who dare to cross her path. Unlike Flappy Bird, this game has a story line – Manatwa is on a mission to find her parents who were kidnapped by Khyak. This game is available for free on the iOS App Store; be sure to check it out.Happie Bird 3



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