For the Android users, either they be newbies or nerds, there is no need to mention the reasons to install a new launcher in their devices. There are a lot of privileges, depending on the launchers and their way of development. Varying from heavy -sized feature-loaded ones to small sleek and fast ones, there are numerous launchers available to download from the Play Store, and their price varies accordingly.

Well, in the crowd of the diversified launchers, a number is added- and this time this is a light, slick and fast one- ETheme Launcher. Developed by Egame JSC, though only added a few weeks back, this new launcher has alrady started making its own existence and identity in the Play Store.

Pros Cons
Small file size, easy load None noticed
Smooth, light and fast UI
Nice icons, lock-screen and outlook

ETheme_Launcher_1[1] ETheme_Launcher_2[1]














To be precise, hundreds of numbers of wallpapers, fonts and themes can be downloaded and added to your device, all at no price. This is what makes this app launcher outstanding, you can choose and change any wallpaper or theme the way you want, all for free. The other features of this app include some lockscreen modifications, and the change of some icons in menu, as done by normal launchers. One of the best thing of the ETheme Launcher that I experienced is the way it makes your homescreen looks like: there is a digital clock in the top, a menu icon in the middle of the screen, circled by the most-useful apps such as camera, call, ETheme’s own store, messaging and browser. Personally speaking, though I found the rest parts of the launcher to be quite common, the homescreen customization was my favorite part, and also the most unique one.

One of the bad aspects of this launcher is that the process to have the widgets in the homescreen is little lengthy. This might be OK for the users who are not so much into the widget-things, but a must have for the widget lovers. Let’s hope the developer will address this out, and add the feature in their new update.

In overall, the ETheme Launcher is a nice, good to have launcher in your Android device. It will certainly make you feel refreshed for at least a while, and you will feel that your phone has become a little smoother, as soon as you install it.

Download the ETheme Launcher from the Play Store


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