Lollipop didn’t appear in the platform distribution of Android done by Google in the month of November 2014, and though we desperately waited for it the following month to appear, that couldn’t happen then either. Now, Google has released the distribution data of Android in January 2015, i.e. last month, and we can finally see that Lollipop makes its way in the table. (Note that version releases running in  less than 0.1% of the devices are not shown in the data).

Android in January 2015

Google started collecting the data for the final week of January ending on 2nd February, which showed that Android 4.4 KitKat has grown from 39.1% to 39.7%, and it’s still in the most used version of the OS if you count the three different Jelly Bean releases separately. Otherwise, Jelly Bean leads the market with a 44.5% aggregate share. Compared to last month’s data, though KitKat has raised, we can see that the speed has now decreased, as it grew considerably high for the past couple of months. The decrease in JellyBean has also slowed down, and so is in case of Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread. Taking its last breaths, Froyo is still struggling in the list, and has not decreased by any percentage at all.

Most importantly, it is finally good to know that Lollipop makes its way in the chart, running on 1.6% of all Android devices. There are now more devices on Lollipop than on Froyo after a long wait, and it is certainly because of the update that phones such as Motorola Moto G, Samsung Galaxy S5 and may others got last month. Many devices have started being released on Lollipop out of box, and we definitely see this percentage growing for next few months. We can’t say anything about KitKat or JellyBean, but we will definitely see the older versions decreasing by then. We will keep posting about this. Feel free to leave your comment below.


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