It is very convenient to organize your apps and games into folders. After setting up folders you can quickly access your most used apps & games from the homescreen itself- saving you lots of time.  App folders are especially beneficially if you have a habit of cramming up your smartphone or tablet with loads of apps.  However, many users do not know that Android has a built in feature that allows you to easily create folders. Here is the step by step guide to create folders in Android


a) Firstly, open you app window or application drawer.


b) Now from the list of apps, Long press the app you want to make a folder for. Long pressing the app should take you straight to the homescreen where you can drop the app.


c) Again open the app drawer and long press another app you want to put in the same folder. Without letting go, drag the app on top of the previous app to put them in the same folder.  Repeat the process for other apps or games.

d) In the homescreen you should now see a round folder with the apps you just put in. You can name the folder by pressing it and clicking on “Unnamed Folder”.


Using this method you can neatly organize your apps into categories such as games, music, business, social, fun and so on.  Instead of a homescreen filled with app and game icons, you now have only a few folders to access all your apps instantly.




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