Android 9.0 Pie has done some notable changes from previous versions. One such change was done on the gesture controls. These gestures are disabled by default, but if you want to try them out, you can. Here’s how to enable gestures in Android Pie.

Enable Gestures in Android Pie

To enable Gesture Controls, head over to the device’s System Settings and tap on System. Once inside, select Gestures and then choose Swipe up on the Home button. Enable it. This will change the appearance of the navigation buttons.

The home button and back button will work as they used to before. The back button will not appear when you are on your home screen. You will see that the multitasking button has disappeared. There are several gestures you need to know.

Enable Gestures in Android Pie

When you swipe up from home screen you will be taken to Recent apps where you can cycle through recent apps, use the Google search bar and see the suggestion of 5 apps Google thinks you want to open. When you do another swipe up from the Recent apps screen. You will then get to the app drawer. However, you can do the same thing in just one swipe too. When on the home screen sipe up but do not take your finger off of the screen instantly. Wait for 60% of the app drawer to appear and then let go.

When on the recent apps page, you can open an app with a traditional tap or just swipe the app down. To quickly switch between apps, swipe horizontally on the navigation bar to the right. Do that again and you will get to the previous app. To cycle through all your recent apps, do that same horizontal swipe but this time hold your finger there for a second.

All these gestures may sound confusing at first, but with some practice, it can quickly become a natural thing.

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