Have you ever come across the problem where you pull out the headphone jack from your Android and yet the icon is still there on the status bar? Some device may just show the icon and play sound via the speakers, but some devices may still be in headphone mode. You would probably restart your device to get rid of it, but you don’t have to. The issue is not that serious and can be easily fixed. There are primarily two reasons for this issue. Either there are dust particles or small debris stuck inside the port, or there is a simple software problem. We will get to both of the problems. Here’s how to fix earphone icon stuck on Android status bar.

Fix Earphone Icon Stuck on Android Status Bar

Solution 1: Clean the port

Since the earphone port is always open, there is a good reason that some dust may have accumulated inside it. No matter how clean you are with your device, there is no escaping the dust. Even when inside your pocket or your bag, your device is not safe from the dust. What you can do is clean the port every now and then. Using an earbud to gently clean the port. Make sure you use a small and good earbud to prevent leaving cotton strands inside the port. Put the tip of the earbud inside the port and gently turn it around. Do not use water with it. this should clean the port and the earphone icon on the status bar will disappear. If the icon’s still there, try plugging in the jack and removing it.

Fix Earphone Icon Stuck on Android Status Bar

Solution 2: Using Radio app

You can restart instead of using this solution as it does basically the same thing but with extra steps. Use this solution you do now want to restart your device. Follow the steps;

Step 1: Open Radio app.

Step 2: Plug in your headphone jack.

Step 3: Find the option to “Turn on the speaker”.

Step 4: Now select “Turn off the Speaker” or “Turn on Earphones” or something similar depending on the app.

Step 5: Close the app.

Step 6: Go to Settings > Apps > Radio.

Step 7: Clear data and remove the earphones. These solutions will fix earphones icon stuck on Android status bar issue.

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