If you are new to Snapchat or want to increase your snapchatting power, follow this guide. Here are the best Snapchat tips tricks.

Best Snapchat tips: Add someone with QR codesnapchat qr code - Best Snapchat tips

Adding a Snapchat user has never been an easy task. But with QR codes, it has become slightly tiresome. Every user has a unique QR code which can be bought up by tapping the ghost icon at the top of the screen or swipe downwards when on the camera screen. To add someone, all you have to do is point the Snapchat camera on a QR code and you will we provided with the option to add that particular user.

Best Snapchat tips: Trophiessnapchat trophies - Best Snapchat tips

These trophies are like achievements that can be unlocked by doing the respective tasks. You can find your Trophy case in the same screen as the QR code denoted by a small trophy icon. Here you can view all your unlocked and locked trophies. Earning these trophies are pretty simple. Sending a video or getting a Snapchat score of 500 are some of the tasks that earns you a trophy.

Best Snapchat tips: Draw and add textsnapchat drawings - Best Snapchat tips

When you have taken a snap, you can draw and add text to it. To do so, tap the T or pencil icon on the top right corner. T is for the different styles of text and the pencil icon is for drawing. You can also write individual words or letters in different colors

Best Snapchat tips: Add emojissnapchat emoji - Best Snapchat tips

Besides texts, you can also add emojis on your snaps. Tap on the post it note icon located next to the text and pencil icons and you will find an arsenal of emojis at your disposal. You can add as many as you want, move them around or make them smaller and bigger by pinching.

Best Snapchat tips: Know emoji meaningssnapchat emoji meaning - Best Snapchat tips

Snapchat says emojis are a fun way to learn a little more about your friends but one might get confused about what does the emoji mean that appears next to a contact. Don’t worry, snapchat has a screen in the menu that explains what each emoji means.

Best Snapchat tips: Filters

Filters are a great way to spice up your snaps, whether it be a photo or a video. When you have captured a snap, browse through each filter that select the one you think will suit your snap. There are plenty of filters at your disposal such as sepia and black and white. You can also edit the speed and temperature of your snaps.

Best Snapchat tips: Selfie Lensessnapchat selfie lenses - Best Snapchat tips

This is a fun new feature. You can do all sort of crazy things with your selfies using selfie lenses . This works on your front facing camera and can be brought up by pressing the screen where your face is. You may need to adjust your face for this to work properly. Once you’re satisfied with the chosen filter, take a snap or a video.

Best Snapchat tips: Stories and Livesnapchat stories live discover - Best Snapchat tips

Swipe left for the main camera screen and you will be greeted by the stories screen. Stories are peoples snaps and videos in chronological order. These snaps and videos are chosen by your contacts for you to view. Live is where live snaps and videos are displayed from events such as sports, fashion shows etc. Discover is where you will discover contents from brands or TV network.

Best Snapchat tips: Extra featuressnapchat extras - Best Snapchat tips

Some features such as filters and lenses may need to be enabled manually before you are able to use it. To activate them, go to Settings > click the gear icon available on the screen with your QR code > Manage under Additional Services. Now you can either enable features that you need or disable the ones you don’t use.

Best Snapchat tips: Join Beta testing

You can join Snapchat’s beta testing to receive unreleased updates and features so that you can test it and report bugs before they are officially rolled out.  You can find this under Advance section. Just tap it and choose “Count me in!”. This will take you to Google+ and you have to opt-in. now you will receive beta updates. Note that these updates can be buggy.

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