How to secure your Facebook Account from being Hacked.Facebook is the world’s popular social networking site and most of the people around the world are using this to be connected with their family, friends and even to make new friends around the world. Facebook has become the daily routine for most of the people to be connected with world, sharing their life (like photos, videos, status etc) but Do you know Security Measures For Facebook Account?

Well, you might not have focused on the security of your facebook. It’s the most important thing for the Facebook users. Do you know that the rate of facebook being hacked is increasing day by day, so it’s better to secure you account by using proper security measures. Here, I will let you know some of security measures that will help you to secure your account.  

Top 10 Security Measures For Facebook Account.

1.Use Strong Password and change password:

Whenever you create password for you Facebook account, make sure you make a unique, strong password and it’s better to use upper case, lower case, special character and numbers. Never use a simple password like 1234, abcde, qwerty, your name or any easy words that can be cracked easily. Also, never use the same password that you have used in other online accounts because, if one site gets hacked, the hackers will often try it on other sites/accounts. Make sure to change the password time to time which will help you to lower the risk of account being hacked.

change password

To change the password:

  • Go to Settings >> General >> Password.
  • Click on Edit and the option will come to change the password.
  • Type current password, insert new password and then Click on Save Changes.

2. Activate Login Alerts:

Login Alerts helps you to get alert when anyone logs into your account from an unrecognized device or browser. This is also one of the measures to secure your account.
To turn on Login Alerts: Go to Settings >> Security >> Login Alerts and click on Edit.

login alerts

You will see the options, choose how you’d like to receive the alerts: By Notifications, Email or text. If you get a notification from login alerts, and know it wasn’t you, it’s better to let this know to facebook and change the password as quickly as possible.

3. Activate Login Approvals:

This is one of the best security measures that one can use to protect the facebook account. Actually, this is an additional security feature for the users and this feature will ask you to enter a security code each time you login to facebook account from unrecognized devices.

Login approval

To Activate Login Approvals:

  • Go to settings >> Security >> Login Approvals
  • Click on Edit and the option will be shown >> Checkout the box.
  • Again another menu will pop up >> Follow the procedure step by step.
  • A code will be sent to your phone, which will only open your account.
  • Now you have Activate Login Approvals.
Security Measures
Screenshot of How log approval works

If someone other than you tries to login to your account then they won’t be able to login because it will ask the code and the code will be in your phone. So, you can only open the account as the code sent by facebook will be in your cellphone or you can also see the code in your facebook app.

4. Add your Mobile Number:

This is also one of the good security measures to keep the account safe. You just add your number to facebook and connect the cellphone with your facebook. It is so useful that, when you lose or forget your password, facebook will be able to send a new one through SMS. You will also have the option whether to show your number to friend, public or even only me.

To Add your Mobile Number: Go to Settings >> Mobile >> Click on Add a Phone and follow the rest procedure. Add mobile number

5. Always check your Active Sessions:

Facebook has this cool features that let you know about your last active sessions, where you login from (location), device name and type that is used for opening Facebook account. If you ever notice any suspicious or unfamiliar location on you device/computer, it means your Facebook account is at risk. Just click on End Activity and don’t forget to change your password after that.

Active Session

Steps to End Activity:  

  • Go to Home >> Settings >> Security >> Where You’re Logged In and click on Edit.
  • Now you can see the list with the info about your active session.
  • Just click on ‘End Activity’ to kill the activities from that device.

 6. Avoid Spam Links:

Most of time, your account is being hacked because you click to the spam link. Actually you don’t know whether the link is malicious or not, and even sometimes it has found that the link is so appealing and thought it can be useful for you. So you click on it and got trapped. There are some of the sites that help us to know whether the link is real or fake and even malicious or not. Eg:,,, etc. Just right click on the link that you want to see and copy the address. After that, paste the link on the any of the site that I mentioned above. It will detect and tell you whether it is safe to open or not.


You know your friends aren’t immune to spam. If a friend posts a suspicious link or “shocking video” or sends something strange in a message, don’t believe that they’re doing it on purpose instead report that to facebook and even let your friend know about this things to confirm whether it was your friend or not. Spam can even be a friend request. So, be aware.

 7. Add only the known Person:

Many of the time we get friend request of unknown person. We should not trust any stranger. You may not know if they are real, fake or even the hacker. Once they (hackers) are your friends, it is easy to get your info and hack the account. I recommend you not to accept any unknown person, unless you see any mutual friend and ask about that person to your friends.

 8. Be aware of phishing:

Phishing Site
Screenshot of Phishing Facebook Page

Many of people are victims of phishing. First let me make clear what is phishing? Some People create fake website that look like the real website and ask you to Log-in, actually it’s a technique to try to steal your sensitive information. This type of fake website asks your username, password, credit card details etc. Remember facebook never ask your credit card detail or any other info related to money.

Some of the measure that can help you from being victim of phishing:

  • Never give your username or password to any websites with suspicious links and layouts.
  • Always login at and not from any other link or website. Also look at URL bar, it will show you the lock sign with https written on right side of it, which is the sign of secure browsing and you can log-in from there.
  • Update your browser to the latest version, which will help you to detect and alert you with a warning when you are going to any phishing site.

 9. Avoid Facebook Theme:

It has also found that many of the facebook users have been trapped by the awesome looking theme. Don’t use those theme as they may contain malware, which can take all the info and your account can be easily hacked. I recommend you not to try any theme for you facebook account.

10. Logout after use:

It is very important to Log-out your facebook account every time you use it, if you are not single user of the computer because other user may not be loyal to you and can access your information and misuse it.
I would also recommend you not to save the password or check out the Keep me logged in option, if you are using other computer or even if you are not the single user of your computer. Now every time you open facebook, it will ask your email and password.

Hope, you will now keep these things in your mind and apply it. It will surely help you to secure you facebook account. If you find this helpful than share this with your friends, so that their account won’t be hacked.

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