GIFs are wonderful, GIFs are fun and GIFs are everywhere. But, is it on your Android device’s home screen? How cool would it be to have GIFs like this or this on playing on your device’s home screen instead of some lifeless wallpaper? Well, there an app for that. GifWidget allows you to put your favorite GIF as widget on your Android’s home screen. Read further to learn how to put GIF widget on Android home screen.

How to put GIF widget on your Android’s home screen

Put GIF widget on android: GifWidget

Head over to Google Play store and install GifWidget. It is free to download. Putting a GIF as wallpaper is same as putting any widget on your device’s home screen. Press and hold on an open space on your home screen to bring up the page settings. Find and open Widgets or something similar (adding widgets may vary depending on your device or the launcher you are using). Scroll till you find GifWidget, tap on it. GIFs can be added in spaces as small as 1 x 1 or cover your whole screen.gifwidget 1 - put GIF widget on Android

Put GIF widget on android: Choosing a GIF

From the pool of all your favorite GIFs, which particular one should you choose? Unfortunately we cannot help you with that but once you choose one, we can help you with adding it to your device’s home screen. Long press on the GifWidget icon and hen drag and drop it on the screen you want to add a GIF to. Once you let go of the icon, you will be taken inside the app where you can choose one of the GIFs you have saved on your device or search a GIF from the Giphy archive. Once you have found your favorite GIF, you can then set its quality to either low, medium or source quality. Tap on Create to add the GIF to your home screen.gifwidget 2 - put GIF widget on Android

Put GIF widget on android: Adjusting size

Once the GIF is added onto your home screen, you will be able to set its size. Tap and hold to bring out he adjustment box and then expand or shrink it till you are satisfied. You can set it as small as 1 x 1 or make it cover the entire screen.

Now the GIF will now continuously play on your home screen. You can always change the GIF by deleting the old one and following the aforementioned steps to create a fresh new widget.

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